More and more stores are offering online shopping, and the competition is getting fierce. Customers are looking for an easy shopping experience and above all else, a bargain. Your products will speak for themselves in the quality you’re putting out, but you need to pay attention to your store, too.

Here are ten tips that will make your customers feel appreciated.

1. Remember Your Mobile Shoppers

There are many people who now don’t access your website, or any website, from a computer. Instead, they prefer to browse the web and purchase from their phone. When designing your online store, you need to make sure that it is optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile phone users need to be able to access your products and check out just as easily as desktop users. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing more off-putting than having to squint at your mobile device to see what’s going on, or zoom in just so you can click the right link.

2. Include Good Quality Photos

We live in a visual world, and shoppers want to be able to see your product from every angle. Include enough photos to show them exactly what it looks like. Also, if possible, it is always a good idea to take some shots of the object in action. It’s also important to set your images to open in a pop-up when clicked, so customers can get a really good look.

3. Give Customers the Option to Review the Product

It’s often seen that customers trust reviews from other customers, so make sure they have the option to review any object they buy from you. They can share their experiences, and others can get a feel for how the product works in the real world. It takes some moderation and watching, but it’s well worth the results.

4. Hire Professionals to Write Your Content

There’s plenty of content that needs to go on your online store, and you probably don’t have the time to include it all yourself. If you need product descriptions, use a professional writing service such as UK Writings or Essayroo to get them done for you. They’re also great for writing product reviews!

5. Be Upfront About How You Use Data

Every site uses data to track how their customers use the service. Think about how Netflix does it. At the top of the screen, they show a list of recommended shows, head by the title ‘Because you watched X TV show…’. They’re not hiding how they use that data, there’s simply no reason for that. Customers respect when you’re honest about how you work.

6. Proofread Your Content

Your content is much more important than you’d think. Yes, it tells your customers about the products that are on offer, but it also shows how much care and attention you put into the site.

If there are grammar or spelling errors, it makes you look unprofessional.

And proofreading is quite easy! You can use a professional proofreading service such as Boom Essays, or sites such as Easy Word Count or  Proofread Bot if you want to do it yourself.

7. Make It Easy for Customers to Check Out

The longer it takes to purchase something, the more likely it is the customer will just give up.

Make the checkout process simple, and only ask for two or three clicks to get the job done. Customers are less likely to get fed up and leave before they buy from you.

Also, allowing them to save their carts for later is a good way to lure them back into buying your product later.

8. Offer Live Chat

If a customer has a problem, live chat is a great way to help them resolve it quickly and easily. Being able to solve issues right away always means more sales.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Grammar

Good grammar is as essential as spelling, even in an online store. Help your customers out by keeping an eye on yours, so your site is easy to understand. If you’re struggling with it, try a grammar guide such as the ones available on Academized and Australian Help.

10. Offer Free Shipping

If you can do this, you’re much more likely to clinch the sale. Customers love free shipping as it feels like a bargain. Try and absorb the cost into your product prices, and you’ll have a great advantage over your competitors.

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