If you’ve recently graduated from university, Heat recruitment may just be the ideal next career step for you to take.  With the recruitment industry continuing to grow each year, it makes for a great career step with many opportunities for personal development and being financially rewarded along the way. If you consider yourself to be honest, a good listener, dedicated and like to have fun, Heat Recruitment could be the perfect fit.

1. A supportive and secure environment to develop your work skills.

At Heat recruitment, we will provide you with a secure environment and all the means that you would need to develop your skills within the workplace. From the outset, Heat gives you the clarity of what you need to take your skills and career to the next level, providing you with the routes for progression. This progression will be structured and transparent and hard work is both rewarded and incentivised.

2. An initial 6 months theory and practical learning with Heat Recruitment Academy.

An advantage of working for Heat as a graduate is that you will receive 6 months of initial theory and practical learning, so you won’t need to worry about being left unsupported. Once this training has been delivered and you have been provided with the necessary tools, you will always be given the independence to continue developing them further. Regardless of entering at graduate level, once completing Heat’s 6 months of theory and practical learning, we will never micromanage you and will always encourage you to create and find your own solutions and workflow.

3. Access to a range of training tools to facilitate your career progression.

Throughout your time at Heat, you will have an access to a range of training tools in order to help you learn and progress through your recruitment career. You won’t be left not knowing what to do to succeed, as we will always provide you with the necessary support – we want you to get the most out of your career as much as you do. We will teach you the true art of recruitment with training tools such as our Training Academy, through to our Fast Track and Future Leaders training schemes. These tools will enable you to strengthen skills such as resourcing, relationship building and sales.

4. Latest Recruitment technology at your fingertips.

Heat like to invest in maintaining the latest recruitment technology, which will always be readily accessible to you. Every team will have the access to real-time metrics via the use of our latest recruitment resourcing technology, allowing you to gain the understanding of how you can influence each stage of the recruitment process to maxise potential commission and improve our client’s experience. We aim to keep this up to date to ensure that our employees and their clients are given the best service. Heat also has high tech training rooms in which we hold regular training sessions, these sessions enable us to address specific areas of improvement in order to allow even our most experienced consultants to continue their working development.

5. Access to a range of the latest Recruitment attraction tools.

As well as the latest recruitment technology, at Heat we also have access to the latest recruitment attraction tools. To begin with, we have our own Heat Recruitment website which gets a large amount of quality traffic each month and in support of our website we have various social media platforms to ensure maximum client engagement. As a graduate you will have access to LinkedIn recruitment tools as well headhunting training to ensure that you feel confident and well equipped in the workplace. We also have various tools in place to facilitate your work when on the move. We have a highly secure CRM system based in the cloud whereby candidate and client records can be quickly accessed when on the move on any device. As well as this facility, Office 365 also shares projects and you will always be able to access emails. To name but a few more, you will have access to top job boards and opportunities to access premier networking events and publications.                        

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6. Promotion to Senior Recruitment sales position or Manager for high achievers via a fast career route.

Heat are completely transparent and honest with how a career with us could develop for a high achiever. Within three years you could take a faster career route and be promoted to either a senior recruitment sales position or a manager. As part of our training we offer a fast track and future leaders scheme for those of you who are ambitious and the training never ceases to continue as we encourage ongoing learning.

7. High earning potential to pay off your student debts!

Working for Heat can provide you with the high earnings you are looking to achieve to pay off any potential lingering university debts. We will always provide you with a good basic salary rate, however you will always have the potential to be rewarded with uncapped commission, which starts from the moment you join us. The more work you put in the better that financial rewards will be.

8. Mentoring and training to eradicate the daunting prospect of dealing with business leaders.

From quite an early stage you will have the opportunity to network and build a series of long lasting relationships with business leaders. Heat recognises that this could be a very daunting prospect for new employees which is why we will support you with mentoring and training in order to deal with business leaders. We understand that this is an opportunity that does not arise in all job sectors and is an exciting prospect for a graduate, so we aim to prepare you to gain the best from this experience.

9. A great office environment for you to fit into with ease.

At Heat recruitment we feel proud to announce that we provide a great office environment, which we believe everyone who works here deserves, we’ve even won awards for it! We believe that a better and more enjoyable work environment ensures a healthier and more proactive work life. Via the use of social media we gathered information using a Twitter poll which essentially told us that our employees, above all, were seeking a good working environment. This aspect of work turned out to be most important to an overwhelming 73% of voters, which is why we dedicated our time to ensuring this for our existing and potential employees.

10. A management team that believes in working with you on an individual basis to achieve your personal goals.

When considering applying to work for Heat, we want you to feel assured that each individual gets the support that they need and no one will go unnoticed, especially when looking for help to progress. At Heat we have a management team that believes in working with individuals to achieve their goals, who encourage you to continue to learn throughout your career and who value the importance of ongoing one-to-one mentoring. Our three main training programmes are ‘Trainee Consultants’ (4-week induction period followed by a 6-month personal development plan), ‘Fast Track’ (rewards high achievers and takes Trainees to Senior Consultants within 18 months) and ‘Future Leaders’ (equips people with the skills to mentor and eventually manage teams), each adapted to your needs.

11. A variety of great incentives in place, to reward hard work.

And lastly, on top of the opportunities and progression that we offer, we do also offer various incentives and rewards throughout the year, as we believe in a healthy work life balance. We provide a quarterly bonus structure to consistent performers as well as target related salary increases. We host various events, including a ski trip and networking events and will increase your annual holiday depending on your duration served at Heat. We will also reward you with the latest technology and will supply you with all the fruit and tea/coffee you could want! Find out about last year’s skiing trip.

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