A world-class 5G technology test network will aim to put Britain at the forefront of the next wave of mobile technology, according to the government, potentially injecting up to £173bn to the economy by 2030.

Experts from 5G research institutions at King’s College London, and the Universities of Surrey and Bristol, will be awarded £16m to develop the cutting-edge 5G test network.

The project will see academic expertise and commercial leadership brought together to trial the technology and make sure people and businesses can enjoy the benefits sooner.

5G is expected to deliver reliable ultrafast mobile connectivity with the ability to process huge amounts of data and support complex applications predicted for tomorrow’s mobile phones – for example, sending virtual reality 3D TV clips to mobile devices.

It could also be used in new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise society such as autonomous vehicles – for example, to make sure they can be used safely on our roads – or in advanced manufacturing and robotics, augmented reality, remote surgery, smart agriculture and in smart homes and cities. Matt Hancock, Minister for Digital, said:

“We want to be at the head of the field in 5G. This funding will support the pioneering research needed to ensure we can harness the potential of this technology to spark innovation, create new jobs and boost the economy.

“We know 5G has the potential to bring more reliable, ultrafast mobile connectivity, with quicker reaction times and larger data capabilities, and I’m thrilled to announce King’s College London and the universities of Surrey and Bristol have agreed to collaborate on this project.”

Andrew Jones MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, added:

“Ensuring Britain remains at the forefront of digital innovation is a priority for this government.

“We are investing £740 million from the National Productivity Investment Fund to boost the country’s digital infrastructure, and today’s announcement will help provide people and businesses with the next generation of connections.

“A better connected Britain will make us a more productive country and improve living standards.”

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