Awards International DOO, a company dedicated to running successful business awards programmes, celebrates its 7h anniversary this year. Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) interviews two of the leaders about Awards international’s business journey which has spanned over a decade now.

We’re the first to write about their milestones, glamorous awards ceremonies, and thousands of winning stories they made possible over the past years. Awards International currently has 50 employees and is growing. These are fantastic people organizing the biggest and most impactful business Awards in the world.

Behind the success of this company, there are also two impressive leaders: Borislav Lojpur, managing director at Awards International DOO; and Neil Skehel, CEO of Awards International.

In this insightful conversation, you can learn what motivated Neil to start the company fourteen years ago. Also, how Borislav established a steady and successful team across offices in Belgrade, Nis, and Zrenjanin back in 2015.

Our main takeaway from this conversation is Neil’s and Borislav’s dedication to investing and developing the employee experience programmes. They are aware that the only competitive advantage one company has is its people.

What is especially beneficial for people working in the company is getting in touch with different cultures. The experience our employees get from working with clients from the UK, Arab countries, USA, Turkey makes them explore, gain experience, and even relocate to these countries. Whatever they want for themselves and their careers, this company will support them’, shared Borislav.


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