• 67% want to see retailers reduce queue times and 54% want more POS options
  • 60% of customers who used a tablet whilst shopping then purchased the product they were considering buying
  • 53% of customers would pay higher prices for a better in-store customer experience and 77% would shop more often

The Shopper Experience survey, commissioned by Bouncepad, found that shoppers believe in-store technology is key to improving customer experience, but are not having their needs met in many high street stores.

Bouncepad surveyed over 1,000 shoppers to find out what constitutes a good customer experience when shopping and how technology can make the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

70% of customers want to see more retailers adopting tablets, kiosks or touch screens devices in-store. In terms of how in-storetechnology can help the customer experience, 67% want to see retailers reduce queue times, and 54% want to see more POS options in peak times.

Shoppers identified the retailers getting it right, with John Lewis, Boots and Marks & Spencer voted the top retailers for overall in-store customer experience.

Customers are looking to use tablets, kiosks or touch screen devices in-storefor a variety of purposes; the top reasons are having out of stock product shipped direct to the home, being able to see additional products in a range, and using them as a point of sale to pay more quickly. If shoppers did not use the tablet in-store, it was mostly because there were not devices available or were occupied, demonstrating the need for retailers to make more available in their stores (44%).

Tablets are proving to increase in-storeconversion with 60% of customers who used a tablet whilst shopping then going on to purchase the product they were considering buying.

These results prove that five years on from their introduction, in-storetablets’ role in providing exceptional customer experiences has become increasing important. By embracing and promoting in-storetechnology retailers can overcome some of the biggest customer service challenges they face and increase customer conversion and loyalty as a result,” said Tobi Schneidler, CEO, Bouncepad.

Bouncepad’s report, What makes an exceptional in-store experience?’ gives an insight to the views of over 1,000 shoppers and demonstrates how digital technology is helping to boost conversion in-storeand improve the customer experience as shoppers demand a more informed and efficient shopping experience.

Accompanying the report is an infographic of the headline stats from the survey.


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