Poor online customer experiences can be disastrous for a company’s sales. As an entrepreneur, you need to look at ways to enhance your online shoppers’ experience.

Customer Experience is all about knowing what your buyer wants and working towards making it available for them. When you’re not able to provide what your customer wants, you can be sure your competitors will.

Here’s a few ways to enhance customer experience:

1. Product reviews

This is a good way to enhance Customer Experience because an online store always benefits from product reviews. When you can give some information to a buyer, which is relevant to his purchase, it’s always welcome.

Reviews on products give the shopper an insight into the features, advantages, and drawbacks of the product. When written by another customer it has an even greater appeal because your shopper will trust this review.

2. Recommend products of buyer’s interest

Your buyer may have placed an order for something online in order to give as a gift to someone.

Thereafter he or she may get hundreds of recommendations every day from your website for similar products. These are sent based on the choice they made earlier but they may have no intention of buying these.

It’s important to send contextual recommendations based on what they are looking for or who they are buying for. While up-selling and cross-selling may improve sales, too much of it can annoy your buyers.

3. Geo marketing

Geo marketing is basically a tool that makes use of geographical or location-based data to help businesses formulate effective marketing strategies. In physical stores, you will find items which are specific to the region where the store is located.

But when your buyer visits your store online, he may have to browse through unnecessary stuff to find what he actually wants. To save them the trouble of scouring for a product, you can determine their location to display only items which they may need.

4. Proofread

Content you’re planning on displaying on your website for the benefit of your customer must always be verified and checked for grammare and spelling.

When you overlook this exercise, your content ends up containing errors. This discourages buyers from purchasing anything on your website and they navigate elsewhere. To proofread content, you can use tools like Ginger Online and Easy Word Count.

5. Abandoned carts

At times, your buyers may abandon shopping carts and leave the site. It is necessary to offer them effortless navigation between cart and store and multiple payment options to eliminate this problem.

You need to know whether the buyers find your checkout form untrustworthy or your return policies not fair enough. Depending on this data, you should send links back to the buyer to ensure he or she completes their purchase. You will also know how you can improve the product and service to ensure better sales.

6. Keep buyers updated

It is imperative to keep your customer up-to-date on your stocks. When they have spent a reasonably long period of time looking for and selecting a product, it can be a huge let-down to realise the product is not in stock.

You could have pop-ups to inform the buyer when they arrive at a product currently out of stock. It’s even better if you offer to inform them when it arrives. Not only does the buyer feel cared for, they are likely to come back to buy that product.

7. Make site navigation easier

When you know the kind of audience that is likely to browse your site, you can design it accordingly. Most millennials prefer to browse on their smartphones, so you should aim to make your site design responsive on mobiles.

To make the customer’s online experience a hassle-free one, you should include a simple menu. While there should not be too many options, your clients should be able to find what they want quickly.

8. Use innovative marketing

Thinking out of the box will help you satisfy your customers. You can integrate your store with social media sites like Facebook so that buyers can sign in through these. You could use social media monitoring tools for tracking discussions on the social channels to get an insight into customer needs and purchasing habits. You could even design a mobile app to allow your clients to buy on-the-go.

9. Provide virtual trials

A fantastic way to improve your customers’ online shopping experience is to let them try out a product virtually. Augmented reality makes this possible and more and more shoppers now want to view product differences including changes in styles and colors.

When your customer can see what a new furniture item would actually look like in their home, they will be more likely go ahead with the purchase.


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