Adobe has an original approach to advertising, which they proved by unveiling two brilliant campaigns: ‘The Hovering Art Director’ and ‘The Heist’.

‘The Hovering Art Director’ takes a comical look at the relationship between art directors, designers and marketers, and the various factors that have to be taken into account when building a standout marketing campaign.

Featuring an art director, designer and marketer who are creating an advert for fictional WolfBear ginger beer, the viewers follow along as the designer uses Adobe Stock to keep up with the art director’s endless requests in real time, including adding ‘millennial-friendly kittens’, a metro ginger beard, a bear Casanova and an epic volcanic explosion. Check out the video below, and you can read more on Adobe’s blog here.



‘The Heist’ is Adobe’s latest advert for Adobe Experience Cloud, which explores what happens when a bad scenario is met with a great customer experience. Watch the advert below, and learn more about this campaign on Adobe’s blog here.

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