“An excellent and well-constructed entry that showed that the business truly understands the benefits of putting the customer first.”

“A strong submission with supporting evidence of how the culture has joined up two parts of the business around the customer.”

“Fabulous presentation delivered with passion and precision. Interesting journey showing real thought about customers via mapping.”

These were just some of the comments Judges had after evaluating the initiative by Solus Accident Repair Centres, the overall winner of the 2019 UK Customer Experience Awards.

Solus Accident Repair Centres, part of Aviva Group, presented their transformation over a 3-year period after which they became number one rated in their sector and grew their TNPS scores from 35 to over 60.

The company identified which areas needed focus and these are: improving the operational flow, changing their culture, customer-centric measures and remuneration redesign.

What particularly stands out in Solus’ initiative is the company’s culture: championing female technicians, focusing on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and making sure that each employee feels appreciated and valued.

Thanks to their leadership model, customer experience was made to be the responsibility of everyone in the business, removing a split between the frontline and technical staff.

Before triumphing as the overall winner, Solus Accident Repair Centres won Gold in Customer Centric Culture category, earning recognition for a truly customer centric organisation.

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