eDigitalResearch, Yodel, and their winning customer feedback programme

Just days after the same programme won the Charted Institute of Transport and Logistics (CILT) North West Region Award for Education and Excellence, voice of the Customer specialist eDigitalResearch and independent parcel carrier Yodel are delighted to announce that their revolutionary ‘Have Your Say’ customer feedback programme has been shortlisted for the UK Customer Experience Awards 2015.

The pioneering programme is nominated in the Business Change and Transformation category, thanks to the significant cultural change the ‘Have Your Say’ feedback programme has brought about in Yodel’s business – customer experience measures and insight are now used daily as the entire business looks to improve, innovate and drive a customer centric culture across the business.

A success story

Yodel partnered with eDigitalResearch back in March 2013 to help better understand and manage the end user’s experience. Since its launch, Have Your Say has received over 1.5 million responses from customers based on their real-time delivery experiences. Feedback and insight is then used to identify and praise good service, implement customer centric solutions and quickly resolve issues when they occur.

Yodel, which handles over 155 million parcels a year on behalf on the UK’s top retailers, has recorded a significant rise in customer satisfaction* since the introduction of ‘Have Your Say’, thanks in part to the ability to react quickly to feedback.

Steve Brockway, Chief Operating Officer at eDigitalResearch, comments, “We’re delighted to be recognised alongside Yodel for the fantastic effect that their bespoke ‘Have Your Say’ programme is having on their business. Research is changing; gone are the days of backwards looking research, Instead, we’re entering an age where feedback is no longer just a survey, but a way of working. By delivering the right data to the right people across Yodel’s business, they’re able to take immediate and direct action to delight customers.”

Commenting on behalf of Yodel, Executive Chairman, Dick Stead, added; “What started as a method of listening to customers has developed and our work with eDigital on the ‘Have Your Say’ survey now actively drives change throughout our business and helps us to innovate for the future. The survey is currently unique in the carrier industry and we’re delighted that the tangible results that we’re seeing are being recognised in this way.”

*Customer satisfaction: Measured as the number of customers who have been satisfied / very satisfied with their experience. This compares with a retail average Customer Satisfaction score of 78%.

The winners of the 2015 Business Change or Transformation award will be announced later this year at the annual UK Customer Experience Awards in September.

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yodelAbout Yodel

UK independent parcel carrier Yodel handles over 155 million parcels every year and has a relationship with 85 per cent of the UK’s top retailers. The company is headquartered in Hatfield and has over 60 locations across the UK, including three central sorts and over 50 service centres. Yodel offers a range of services to meet the needs of its clients and their customers.
Through its sister company, Arrow XL, Yodel can also offer a two man service for white goods and large items up to 120kg. To find out more visit www.yodel.co.uk

eDigitalResearchAbout eDigitalResearch

eDigitalResearch is the leading provider of SaaS Voice of the Customer programmes & empower businesses to make critical decisions through customer insight. By combining our proprietary technology with focused insight and thought leadership, we’re able to provide a truly unique solution – from real-time closed-loop customer feedback to Panels and Communities.

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