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Amazon’s checkout-free grocery stores could be coming to the UK and Europe, if its recent intellectual property filings are anything to go by. Bloomberg reports that the retailer has successfully registered trademarks for slogans “No Lines. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)” and “No Queue. No Checkout. (No, Seriously.)” with the UK Intellectual Property Office, hinting that it’s already planning to its high-tech Amazon Go stores outside of the US.

The registered strap lines were first used in a promotional video (shown below) for Amazon Go when the company first unveiled the concept in December 2016. In it, shoppers are shown signing in on the Amazon Go app, filling their bags and then leaving the store without stopping to check out. Sensors can detect the products and automatically bill the customer. Amazon calls it the “Just Walk Out Shopping” experience and has already opened its first store for employees in Seattle.

While Amazon has yet to confirm its expansion plans (the company also has registrations pending with the European Commission), major UK supermarkets will be keeping a keen eye on things. In a bid to mirror Amazon, Tesco recently confirmed it’s trialling a new one-hour delivery service, but is currently only offering the option to select customers and staff in London zones 1 and 2.

Rupal Karia, managing director of retail and hospitality, UK & Ireland at Fujitsu comments:

“As the days of tilling as we know it are numbered, the news that Amazon Go may be making its way to the UK brings us much closer to that day. In most cases, shop processes have been the same for decades; the launch of Amazon Go demonstrated how Amazon is pushing the boundaries of retailing – changing the model of a physical store as we know it.

 “Amazon Go is an example of how retailers can harness technology and embrace innovation in their physical stores to create that invaluable seamless customer journey.  Now that the level of customers’ expectations is at an all-time high, retailers need to find ways to match it and ensure they are differentiating themselves from their competitors. In fact, our recent study found that 8-in-10 consumers would spend more with retailers that have a better technology offerings, which means that whilst high street stores hold greater opportunities than ever, those unwilling to embrace technological advancements will not reap the awards. Shopping instore is now very much experiential, and by bringing innovative new ways to shop retailers can enhance that experience to make it more interactive and digitally enabled. Those that do will be the retailers that stand out against a noisy retail landscape.”


Written by: Matt Brian

Source: Endgadget


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