The Echo Look hands-free camera is the newest in a line of Alexa-powered cameras. Besides all the regular smart home control features, the new Amazon speakers have the role of a fashion adviser for your everyday outfits.

Simply place the Echo Look camera in front of you where it would be able to take a full-length image and enjoy getting ready for your day wearing the most stunning outfit combinations. There is no need for mirrors, you can use Echo for taking selfies and making sure you look your best.

The background can be blurred to make your clothes pop. This option gives you clean photos to share with your friends or create your very own look book to keep track of what you wore and on what occasion. Another wonderful option provided by Amazon is a live view and video to help you see yourself from all the angles.

The Style Check service provided here combines AI algorithms and tips from fashion professionals to give you the best advice on what outfit to pick. Just take a couple of pictures and ask Style Checker to pick the best one.

Source: Engadget

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