Rock, Paper and Scissors don’t have much in common, but that won’t stop them.

Be Together. #NotTheSame

That was the message from the Android campaign, presented during the Oscars last night, in which they turned a well known game into an awareness campaign about the harm of bullying set to John Parr’s stirring “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)”.

In the world of working environments, this message could as well be applied to the problems of mobbing, a “grownup version of bullying”.

It goes without saying that the harms of bullying will always be an important topic to cover. And it goes without saying that events of such a global impact should always be used to remind us of important causes.

Thus, a nice move from Android and no surprise the Oscar audience instantly reacted on social networks suggesting they should be the ones to win an Oscar as well. Watch the video to check it out.

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