In 2020, the customer experience landscape changed dramatically with most businesses across the planet having to, at the drop of a hat, change the way they engage with their customers and their employees. Fast forward almost an entire year and digital customer and employee experiences have evolved, and those evolutions are here to stay!

These monumental changes in the CX landscape haven’t miraculously been created or supported by a big bang or an act of the heavens. These changes have been championed, driven and supported by many CX influencers and professionals here in the UK, and CXM wanted to start the year off on a positive note by celebrating these remarkable contributors to the industry by hosting the UK CX Stars 2021 in the first part of the year!

The competition was strong this year with entrants from both categories making massive impacts on the industry in the last year and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate them!

Here they are! The To 10 CX Stars (Professionals and Influencers) of 2021!

CX Stars 2021: Top 10 CX Professionals

CX Stars 2021: Top 10 CX Influencers

We will be posting the entire final rankings during the course of the day! Congratulations to everyone involved.

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