Frustrated customers are the worst nightmare for any salesperson. When people are dissatisfied and angry, their choice of vocabulary can often be very offensive. Trying to help a person who’s throwing bad words your way and provide them with guidance is a serious challenge.

However, it is very important to read between the lines here. Although a frustrated customer is impolite and rude, they are actually revealing information that may be valuable for your business in terms of revenues and reputation. So, next time you get yelled at, you should pay attention to six aspects of the situation. Doing this will enable you to remain calm and peaceful, gather data, and assist your angry customer with a smile.

1. They have the buying power

It is impossible to lead a business without customers – the good ones and the bad ones. Your target audience has the buying power and, if you extract it from the business equation, your company will go through the process of stagnation, which isn’t good for the numbers.

Therefore, a frustrated customer is still a customer. Whether you’re communicating with them in person or via live chat software, it’s quite necessary for you to develop thick skin and be attentive to any kind of customer that comes your way. Naturally, people saying that “I want to speak with your manager” can be a great source of stress, but you need to find a way to deal with them.

2. First-hand feedback

When you finally learn how to behave with rude customers, you can start paying attention to relevant things happening during this process of confrontation. I’m sure that your business, like any other, dedicates a part of your funds to gathering feedback from your customers.

So, a frustrated customer is exactly that – the first-hand feedback you’re on the lookout for. Without a need for surveys or polls or some other method meant for data gathering, you will be able to receive valuable pieces of information.

3. Improve your offer

Most angry customers who built up their tension on the way to your store or while waiting for one of your agents to answer your live chat software are disappointed. That disappointment is usually a result of a misunderstanding that formed their expectations which were not met in the end.

What I mean is that the product they purchased has a different purpose in comparison to what they are in need of, or it’s not up to the level of quality that’s implied in the description. With first-hand feedback, frustrated or not, you can use the data gathered to improve your offer, repurpose some of your products, and bring quality to a new level.

4. Getting rid of purchase choke points

If the source of frustration of your complaining customers isn’t about the product itself, it’s probably related to the rest of your business model. So, it’s either regarding the purchase or delivery process, and hiccups like this are not a mark of professionalism.

Therefore, a frustrated customer in need of your product had a problem navigating your website, or their delivery was late or not up to the mark. Choke points such as these should be eliminated once and for all, and your angry customers will show you exactly how to do that by pointing fingers to the part of the process they found problematic.

5. Develop the skills of your sales team

The harsh truth is that some of the frustration may come from your sales team; when a customer can’t get a piece of information they need or the right kind of assistance. This situation will inevitably lead to the involvement of a superior, but there is a positive aspect to it.
For your sales team to be maximally attentive, continuous training is necessary.

Business trends change and your team needs to be updated with the latest ones to provide your customers with quality treatment. So, when a frustrated customer expresses their lack of satisfaction with a member of your team, you will have a clear pointer that shows which individual needs further development.

6. Information about your competition

The next situation must be familiar to you; a customer is frustrated with your offer and one of the things they say in the moment of anger is a threat. When a customer threatens you, they will never again make a purchase from you because they will go right to your competition, and this isn’t really music to your ears.

However – and although it was in the form of a threat – you should read between the lines here. When a customer is frustrated, they won’t really hesitate from getting into details and they will unconsciously share pieces of information that, if used right, may be of high value to your business. Therefore, listen very carefully what your angry customers have to say because they might accidently share some well-kept secrets of your competition.

Keeping this in mind, your next stressful situation can be turned into a goldmine. Not only that, but you’ll be able to not take everything a frustrated customer has to say personally, and you’ll be able to pass on very handy tips to your superiors and be aware of your own skills that need further development. Not a single situation in the sales business is bad – you only need to find the right angle and use it to your advantage.

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