Author: Amanda Riches

An image showing how to achieve Customer experience excellence

Customer experience excellence: five marketing practices you need to know

This article was written in collaboration between Amanda Riches, Senior Director of Professional Services at Medallia and Zoe Cooper, Senior Director of Marketing Operations, Europe, NTT Ltd. Every company around the world will agree that happy customers make...

an image of a yellow bulb demonstrating rapid innovation

Driving rapid innovation in turbulent times (part two)

In last week’s article, we focused on the practical steps brands can take to drive rich insights through understanding customer signals. In this article, I will focus on driving rapid innovation in turbulent times. Capturing and analysing signals is just...

A lightbulb glowing in the dark represents innovation in turbulent times.

Driving rapid innovation in turbulent times (part one)

The global pandemic has rapidly altered the way in which customers interact with brands and brought in the need for innovation in turbulent times. In-person interactions have been largely replaced by digital, telephone, and other contactless interactions. Significantly, instead of...

an image showing the letters of C and X indicating customer experience programme

Five essentials for a world-class customer experience programme

I’ve been reflecting on what successful CX leaders we partner with at Medallia are doing, and have identified five key actions to ensure a world-class customer experience programme. 1. Start with the end in mind Visualise where you want to be at...