Author: Eytan Hattem

A paper plane showing the CX programme route

Back to basics: Tips for building a successful CX programme

Going back to the basics when building a CX programme sometimes seems like a necessary step for creating a successful strategy. It’s also essential for those looking to compose such a programme for the first time. Whether you are a CX...

A group of people making a customer journey map

Keeping Experience in Mind: The Neuropsychology Behind Customer Journey Maps

Brands are often missing one key piece of data that will bring them the greatest customer benefits. Typically brands know the age, gender, spend, location, online duration time, and basket contents of their customers. This is useful transactional information – but...

An image showing people working on their comupters

Living the Change: Continuous Transformation in the Experience Economy

We are living in non-linear times. In the past, we had enough time to learn and analyse events, in order to initiate actions in the present that will secure our future. Today, the problem is that when you try to learn...