Lucy BentonLucy BentonDecember 25, 2017


Email marketing has a long history and although we are witnessing the rise of new technology and marketing techniques, it’s not going anywhere.

From the moment Ray Tomlinson sent the very first electronic email in 1971, this form of communication has become fundamental for both personal and business interactions with other people.

Even though email marketing is straightforward and seems easy, it still requires a great deal of effort coupled with wise decisions. As you are already aware, it’s not just about sending newsletters and updates – success depends on emails you send. Options are endless and we can send emails about a multitude of topics and engage customers, but what are the best options for e-commerce stores?

Bearing in mind that the struggle is real and it can be very difficult to determine the best emails to send, created a practical infographic. The useful visual presentation features seven emails your e-commerce store should send to its customers.

In addition, the infographic also explains the benefits of each email type and gives useful advice to improve your strategy. Implementing these suggestions is the easiest way to ensure recipients open every email and visit the online store where they’ll make a purchase.


Lucy BentonLucy BentonDecember 12, 2017


Instagram is one of the most relevant social media platforms, with more than 800 million users – a big opportunity for organisations looking to grow a large following.

Understanding how to direct even a portion of that attention towards your products and services can yield very big returns.

Your details can spread like wildfire: hit the right buttons for your most loyal followers and they’ll share your content with potentially huge social circles.

Up to 60 percent of well-known companies are currently using the platform, and it’s estimated that over a million advertisers are active on Instagram.

You can learn from the already huge number of business-related posts that are working wonders for other brands. There is no need to invent anything yourself when so many free examples are popping up on a daily basis.

However, as you can see in the graphic below created by Proessaywriting, there are still a lot of myths surrounding this particular social media platform.

Check it out to begin your Instagram marketing campaign in earnest, without the common worries holding others back from taking the plunge.



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