Author: Ozge Koca

A young woman with a face mask is buying a product in a store. It demonstrate a customer experience of buying during the covid-19.

Are you still blaming Covid-19 for shoddy customer experience?

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, businesses had to adjust to remote working. Our customers were patient when they had to wait a little longer for a delivery or an email to arrive. However, there’s mounting evidence that customers...

A cashier conducts a survey in the store to close the customer feedback loop.

Want to get more from your surveys? Close the customer feedback loop!

Many companies are striving to become more customer-centric. They have set up numerous ways of listening to their customers at multiple customer journey touchpoints. However, few have built effective response mechanisms into their customer surveys and managed to close the...

A female employee representing the benefits of remote working

Are there any benefits of remote working for female employees?

All employees have seen sweeping changes over the last year and everyone is experiencing some degree of disruption. But the impact of Covid-19 has not been evenly spread. It has hit people in different ways; while some are thriving and...


What’s the best way to improve Customer Experience in the new normal?

Even before COVID-19 hit, the CX world was changing fast. Companies were already investing heavily in digital transformation to become more efficient and flexible. At the same time, customers were increasingly demanding a convenient, seamless and emotionally engaging experience across...