Sunil TanukuSunil TanukuJune 29, 2020


In this technological environment, everyone would agree that customer experience always has a competitive advantage and is paramount for any organisation to be successful in the marketplace.

The seamless availability of data paired with modern and digitalised ways of accessibility has made it easier for anyone to obtain data at their fingertips. Every customer not only needs efficiency but also deserves and demands customer experience. It is extremely important to the sustained growth of a business.

Anything positive in this space would lead to better marketability in the form of success stories and brand loyalty and profitability in terms of revenue generation.

As organisations transform themselves into an agile driven environment, the implementation de facto is infact not easily understood. The buzzwords around Agile are prevalent these days, but the applicability of customer experience methods and practices are something not every organisation picked up.

Let’s evaluate the buzzwords in detail to understand them more and how we can implement customer experience to it.

As everyone understands the term “agility” which is a means to achieve faster results in shorter turnaround times with no compromise to quality and better risk mitigation, when it comes to customer experience it means increasing the frequency of communications and collaborations through establishment of continuous listening, prioritisation and iterative execution methods to drive efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

In a way, “Agile” helps to make customer experience more effective. Increasing the frequency of communications will help to drive iterative nature of gaining customer feedback through Voice Of Customer (VOC), improved collaborations through establishment of continuous learning practices via closed loop systems and awareness of new CX tools, prioritisation and iterative execution methods through developing models to drive predictability and behavioral analysis with relative measurements for the customer would help greatly.

How do we implement customer experience in Agile driven environment?

There are 3 levels where these can be blended effectively into the current framework: strategic, tactical and operational.


When we talk about implementation, we need to talk about maturity as well. Maturity of an organisation is an extremely important aspect to consider when it comes to implementation of agile customer experience.

No matter the relative size of the organisation, the maturity scale differs in terms of where the customer is positioned currently.

How do you drive the right combination of agile customer experience with maturity?

The first thing before anyone decides to implement agile customer experience is to assess the scale of maturity of that organisation. This can be measured through plotting the customer to see which phase they fall in the scale of journey towards maturity. The phases that are relevant to maturity are:

  • Initial (a.k.a current state),
  • Managed (a.k.a augmented and controlled),
  • Standardised (a.k.a common practices & standards),
  • Optimised (a.k.a predictable) and
  • Differentiator (a.k.a innovative).

The level of customer experience you implement for any organisation varies by each phase and what levers you apply to drive them from one phase of maturity to another. There is no “one size fits all” model that can be employed for this.

Some of the foundational elements are required by the organisation to go through this journey – commitment, adaptability, dedication and openness to change

There is a growing demand for early adopters who wants to harness the power of Agile and the customer centricity that can be build around that. Early strides by these companies are paying off big time and highlights customer experience in agile environments at the forefront of their success.

In the coming years, customer expectations will continue to evolve – likely faster than we ever imagined so companies that have not through this yet, will have to pick up pace faster than anticipated to stay competitive.

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Sunil TanukuSunil TanukuJune 11, 2020


We are in the early stages of witnessing the convergence of voice-enabled technology into business.

The technology has already entered our households in the last decade of sorts and there is tremendous growth to capitalise on that by several companies with their Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The surge of demand to figure out how voice-enabled technology can be used in Business is the next big thing. The evolution of voice-enabled technology for Enterprise is currently in the first wave of transformation.

There are companies already out there investing into the realm of figuring out how can it be used, what are the early nuances that can be built in, how can it improve efficiency, what are the accelerators that can provide ROI etc. This is changing the paradigm of things and making voice-enabled technology the forefront of discussion in the technology sector.

From amplifying customer experience, improving labour productivity, driving efficiency, and augmenting human aptitude to name a few, there is a multitude of several benefits that can be offered to the needs of a successful enterprise.

Today’s workforce spends a lot of time on non-value-added activities that are very administrative in nature leaving them less time to focus on value-added activities. Voice-enabled technology can reduce or eliminate the non-value-added activities through automation built in the form of accelerators so the workforce can spend more time to come up with solutions meaningful for the company and their business thereby driving more revenue.

Data Heuristics built into deep learning can augment human aptitude to deliver solutions with speed to market, reduced operational costs and better profitability. Digital transformation provided new avenues to connect between producers and consumers enhancing the scale at which providers can personalise the experience for their customers. Deep learning combined with predictable algorithms can drive consumer behaviour to a successful outcome for the producer to amplify customer experience and increased revenue.

Business operations can be repetitive but important to be done. Simple tasks like setting up meetings, sending emails, office management, ordering supplies, centralising invoices and several other tasks can be efficiently done today driving efficiency and streamlining processes with improved controls.

As businesses integrate themselves with systems even more, voice-enabled technology can serve as common denominator through seamless integration and availability uncovering synergies around business models and coming up with relationship hierarchies.

Non-functional aspects like performance, reliability, portability and maintenance are some of the foundational elements for artificial intelligence with scope of improvement. However, other non-functional aspects like interoperability should be defined with varying levels of flexibility for each service provisioned through this technology. The amount of security that needs to be built in, the choices for multiple technology solutions on the same product, conversational AI and the usage of it will have to be bundled together to deliver the business a value-driven experience to invest for the future.

The evolution of this technology in Business can be classified into waves where wave 1 of companies are called “discoverers” who would like to explore to see the possibilities that can be offered and make plans as part of their strategic initiatives. Wave 2 of the companies are called “followers” who would like to jump into it if there is a definitive value case. We are currently in wave 1 of the equation. While the progress in the discoverers wave is not as swift as expected, the progression will be slow before wave 2 picks up.

Today, the role of voice-enabled technology in Business should be considered as something that will slowly be adopted but the gains and efficiencies that it can bring in will be worthwhile.


Sunil Tanuku is a Judge at the International Customer Experience Awards 2020.

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