Author: Suzana Mijatovic

A man build of lines represents the abstract use of smart technology.

How smart technology is transforming our lives: An interview with Barry Cooper

In the last couple of years, we’ve witnessed a heavy boost in smart technology use. Some people are more thrilled than others, but we’re all talking about digitalization and wondering what the future will bring. Today we have with us Barry...

A man holding a sign about overcoming retail challenges as shops reopen.

Overcoming retail challenges as shops reopen: An interview with Shankar Balakrishnan

All non-essential retail shops in England are on a mission to attract customers ever since the 12th of April when lockdown restrictions were eased for the first time in a long while. Whereas some people are excited to return to...

Microphone set for the interview about third-party cookies

The End of Third-Party Cookies: How Can Brands Prepare?

The giant Google announced the phase-out of third-party cookies starting with 2022. What does it mean for advertisers, and how can we plan ahead to meet the big change? The CXM team spoke with Andy McNab, VP at Fanplayr, about the...