Our presentation ‘World Class Customer Experience – Why Not?’ centered upon achieving effective culture change within a large organisation, and within a company that has been in existence for over 70 years. The initiative also addressed the challenges of trialing, testing and implementing significant amounts of change into an already successful company and where the fear of ‘breaking the mould’ would ordinarily have stifled desire to change what was rightly considered to be a winning formula.

In addition to detailing the challenges of implementing wholesale culture change within our organisation, our presentation also focused upon how it was achieved, namely the formation of the ‘Why Not? Team’. A team, whose name derived from an AXA advertising campaign and whose raison d’etre was to challenge the status quo – from the style of their recruitment, which was innovative, to the application of the changes they were engaged to trial, test and implement.

However; the story didn’t end there, because culture change needs to extend beyond the boundaries of a single team. This extension of the new culture we referred to as the ‘ripples of change’ within our presentation to the judging panel. Here we explained how these ripples extended globally, as far as India, to our business partners in Bangalore, who now have their own Why Not? Team and where the new change culture is embraced.

In closing we gave a foretaste of the future, demonstrating our commitment to change with investments in both speech analytics and customer feedback in general, signposting this as our means of delivering a bright future for our customers.

Supporting comments:
It’s hard to put into words just what winning the CXA award means to us. Like culture, it has an emotional attachment, both individually and as a team of people working towards a common cause. For the three of us that presented, the feeling was euphoric when we heard we had won, but it wasn’t really for us that we felt that way, it was for all those people back in Tunbridge Wells who had put in the hard work to make what we spoke of a reality.

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