The record-breaking rise of bitcoin is continuing unabated, with a new high value of $6,300 marked as October drew to a close.

The cryptocurrency is surging in popularity, but its attraction is not translating to all corners of the world.

Despite neighbours in the United Arab Emirates taking bitcoin to their business hearts – with Dubai’s first ever real estate project to be priced in the digital money launched in September – Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Tahal has publicly denounced it.

The billionaire investor has dubbed it the “next Enron”, and predicted it will implode, adding in a recent interview:

“It just doesn’t make sense. This thing is not regulated, it’s not under control.”

Meanwhile, doubts about bitcoin’s ability to hold its value as the market reaches a value of $100 billion have also surfaced in South East Asia.

The State Bank of Vietnam has banned the use of the virtual currency as payment, describing it as “not lawful”.

The move follows China’s shuttering of bitcoin exchanges in September, which caused a temporary drop in its value.

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