As the next-generation workforce management (WFM) challenges continue to arise and evolve in this turbulent time, new solutions are required for better results and long-term value.

Contact centre leaders are undergoing constant pressure to maintain service levels and drive efficiency while dealing with high turnover. They are in urgent need of smart workforce management tools to ease the processes and help agents drive efficiency and high performance.

However, choosing the right product in an overflooded WFM market can be a challenge on its own. That’s why Calabrio shares with us an e-book focused on important practices and tips for selecting the best WFM solution for the contact centre.

Understanding the challenges and needs of contact centres

Some of the most increasing pressures contact centres face these days lie in using new technologies to drive effectiveness and increasing employee engagement to drive performance. As many contemporary studies have shown, employee satisfaction directly improves customer satisfaction and reduces turnover for both sides. However, do we know where intelligent automation fits in the contact centre? How do we use it for building next-generation workforce management?

Calabrio shares precious insights into what contact centres should look for in smart solutions to enhance engagement, boost productivity, and deliver better business results. According to their key findings, automation should bring business the flexibility and agility necessary for optimal business performance regardless of the location and time.

Identifying the right WFM solution

Nevertheless, not all WFM solutions can help brands adapt to the new demands and keep the contact centre running at all times. You can only expect to take the WFM to the next level if you focus on:

  • The core WFM capabilities

These include self-service customization, a rapid learning curve as well as easy updates and upgrades.

  • The emerging WFM best practices

Unlocking these lies in leveraging automation for fast scheduling, business plan forecasting, real-time adapting, streamlining approvals, and agent-empowered scheduling.

  • Finding a partner rather than a vendor

Lastly, a partner will help you achieve all of the above rather than only sell the products and services.

In this section, we’ve only scratched the surface and mentioned the most critical points from the guide available on CXM. If you want to read a detailed explanation of essential steps to follow for a successful WFM solution, you can download the full e-book here

Calabrio covers much more than we were able to put in this quick and short review. The e-book takes the readers through the entire journey of choosing the right WFM provider for the contact centre. It also shares encouraging guidance for anyone looking to understand the impact of smart solutions and successfully build next-generation workforce management.

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