With a long line of Amazon Echo and Alexa products, we are finally introduced to the new Echo Show speakers which have all the traditional Amazon’s features for controlling your smart home and getting the latest news and information available. Even though there is a touchscreen, you can operate these speakers completely handsfree using only voice controls.

You can watch YouTube clips and use the new mode “Glance” which allows you to play videos from different sources simply by using your voice. You can stream Amazon Music through different channels and you can search music by artists, genre and lyrics. Thanks to its 2 speakers you are provided with the best sound to enjoy.

Additionally, now you are able to connect to other Echo Show users via video call or chat using the “Drop-in” feature. Be able to communicate with your dearest just by giving the speakers a voice command to make the call.

Amazon’s Echo Show is available for a price of $229.99 & free shipping. You can order it here.

Source: Amazon Echo


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Touch sensing technology is usually suited for small and flat objects which are not always compatible to use. Since it would be expensive to transfer these technologies to larger surfaces, such as walls, furniture and objects with more complex surfaces, researchers have come up with a solution to this problem with Electrick, a low-cost touch sensing technique.

How it works is that you add coating to the conductive surface and Electrick can detect touch locations and continuous touch tracking. The sensing principle works by injecting small electric current to the conducting coating using a pair of electrodes.

With this developing technology, there are no limits to what you can do. To find out what options Electrick offers take a look at the video above.

Source: The Verge


Microsoft has just revealed its new Surface Laptop and it is completely different from any other laptops produced lately. It uses the new operating system Windows 10 S, and you can upgrade it to full Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro free of charge.

It is intended to take on the Chromebook which is popular among students. It is lighter, with higher security levels, faster and easier to manage. That is why it is meant to be popular among students. Another feature that makes this Laptop so distinctive is the Alcantara fabric which covers its surface making it softer and more pleasant to touch.

Surface Laptop has 13.5 inch display and if Microsoft is right, its battery life is going to be 14.5 hours which is longer than any other Macbook. The only downside is that it can only run apps from Windows App Store. If you, for example, try to download Google Chrome you will receive a pop up with a message “Hey, Download Microsoft Edge”.

You can pre-order it now but it will be available from 15th June for the price of $999.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 27, 2017


The Echo Look hands-free camera is the newest in a line of Alexa-powered cameras. Besides all the regular smart home control features, the new Amazon speakers have the role of a fashion adviser for your everyday outfits.

Simply place the Echo Look camera in front of you where it would be able to take a full-length image and enjoy getting ready for your day wearing the most stunning outfit combinations. There is no need for mirrors, you can use Echo for taking selfies and making sure you look your best.

The background can be blurred to make your clothes pop. This option gives you clean photos to share with your friends or create your very own look book to keep track of what you wore and on what occasion. Another wonderful option provided by Amazon is a live view and video to help you see yourself from all the angles.

The Style Check service provided here combines AI algorithms and tips from fashion professionals to give you the best advice on what outfit to pick. Just take a couple of pictures and ask Style Checker to pick the best one.

Source: Engadget

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 26, 2017


Kitty Hawk is a fresh startup that has been backed up by Larry Page, Alphabet’s CEO. This flyer has been designed to fly over water with two pontoons at the bottom to ensure a safe landing. Kitty Hawk is able to takeoff and land without the need for a runway, making this a perfect over-water vehicle.

This electric aircraft weighs around 220 pounds and can carry one person who can control it with the use of handlebars and a small screen to help with the navigation. Kitty Hawk can reach the speed of 25mph at the hight of 15feet.

If you wish to fly Kitty Hawk you don’t need any kind of licence since it has been designed for use in uncongested areas.

It has been announced that the sales would start later this year and if you pay $100 you can get your name on to the priority wait-list and you will receive $2.000 off the final price. Keep in mind that the vehicle in the video is a prototype and its shipping version would have a completely different look.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 26, 2017


Tired of living in the same building every day? Try renting an apartment inside of this mesmerising construction that changes its shape every hour, giving each apartment the ability to control its exterior individually.

Kiefer Technic Showroom was designed by Ernst Giselbrecht+Partner and it is decorating the Styria’s view in Austria. The idea behind this project was to optimise the temperature and sunlight in each apartment individually making your everyday life more comfortable. Panels slide up and down with the help of rotating handles.

These metal curtains change their shape every hour thanks to the option of the automatic movement or they can be moved manually. This gives the building a dynamic exterior look you can admire for hours.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 20, 2017


Maxus Tech felt that our phone screens can be a bit restricting for its users and that is why they decided on creating a gadget that would make the human-computer interaction more fun and easier.

With Welle you can use the already preset gestures or use your imagination and create unique ones. This control device allows you to operate gadgets in your surrounding by turning any surface into a remote control.

Wonder how it works? Thanks to the Embedded Sonar System created by the Maxus Tech team. The system emits ultrasound waves to capture how your fingers move on the surface you chose and interpret the finger movements to perform an operation given at hand.

You can find Welle on Kickstarter and make your everyday life much easier.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 19, 2017


The social network has decided to break the distances between people and create a VR spot where you can hang out with your friends and family who are far away. The app is currently available via the Oculus Store and you can start using it right now.

Here is how it works. Once you download it the first thing to do is create your identity for the VR space. Features you can alter are the hairstyle, facial features and eye colour which will make your identity as real as possible. This would be your avatar in the VR spaces. The next thing to do would be to invite your friends and get the party started. You can use the Facebook Messenger and invite as many people as you like.

Virtual markers are also available for you to draw whatever you wish or you can easily use any of the Facebook content available. Not to mention the 360-degree photos and videos which can transport your party to any place in the world.

Try it out and let us know how you like it.

Source: AdWeek

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 19, 2017


Changes in the appearance that have been introduced by Samsung have made this phone the most gorgeous piece of tech that you can have. Thanks to the larger and curved screen S8 is the best-looking smartphone in the world!

Samsung’s 5.8inch screen covers 80% of its front and together with the curved edges this screen looks as if there are no borders at all. This amazing screen needed to have a special name and Samsung decided to call it the Infinity Display, which is pretty suitable. But that is not all, Galaxy S8 operates with the OLED technology which gives it livelier colours and better images.

S8 is actually made from 2 symmetrical pieces of glass which are smaller than usual, making this phone a delight to hold and place in your pocket when you are not using it.

The only minor setback is its voice interface Bixby. Luckily it is still in its developmental process and it is optional to use. Also, the fingerprint sensor which is placed at the back right next to the camera can easily lead to smudged lenses making this a minor issue.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 13, 2017


The new web-based tool, AutoDraw, created by Google transfers your doodles into an amazing artwork or at least a recognizable image. You can use this tool to make posters, cards and colouring books you can share with your friends and family.

To use this tool you don’t need to download or install anything. Simply go to www.autodraw.com which can be accessed from your computer, phone or a tablet. AutoDraw has been equipped with the artificial intelligence which recognizes your sketch and provides you with a suggested images to replace your doodle.

AutoDraw can already recognize hundreds of sketches. However, if you would like to help and are artistically gifted go the submissions page where you can upload your own personal design.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 12, 2017



Ohmni is a new telepresence robot that you can now bring to your home and stay in touch with your friends and family at all times. A startup OhmniLabs have created this amazing home robot weighing less than 10kg and can easily be folded so that it can effortlessly be moved from one location to another. Also, it can autonomously move around very quietly thanks to its wheels powered by brushless motors.

This high-tech robot has an autodocking function which allows Ohmni find its charging station and plug in when needed. The display head tilts and allows the caller to get a full picture of the surroundings. The caller can also navigate the robot and give a more human touch to online communication. Go, one of the creators explained in an interview:

“A lot of companies are already focused on automation, manufacturing, saving costs, and probably reducing the number of jobs, but we believe you need to counterbalance that with robots that improve quality of life.”

The sale of these home robots will start in just four months and the price is expected to be around $1,895.

Source: TechCrunch

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamApril 6, 2017


Trials with the Oxbotica’s driverless shuttle have started and will be driving around 100 people around the Greenwich, London in the next couple of weeks. The goal of this project is to see how autonomous vehicles can function safely in a natural environment surrounded by people. Another thing that GATEway is trying to gather data on is how the passengers would react to the overall experience of being transported in a computer-driven vehicle.

The data collected in these trials would give GATEway tangible evidence on how self-driving vehicles can function in an urban environment such as London.

This shuttle is designed to accommodate 4 passengers and there is no steering wheel or any other device that would allow the passengers to navigate it. Instead, it uses hi-tech cameras and laser navigation to ensure a safe drive.

In a statement, UK Climate Change and Industry Minister Nick Hurd said:

“The UK has a history of innovation in the auto sector and this type of technology has the potential to save lives as well as offer freedom to the elderly or those with mobility impairments. The GATEway project exemplifies the innovation that the UK excels at, and through our Industrial Strategy, we will continue to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of this cutting-edge work.”

Sadly not all Londoners would have a chance to try this vehicle out since all the participants in the study have been pre-selected last year. However, we hope this project will give a new perspective on the future of transport.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 29, 2017


We are already familiar with the Mars Rover that explores the surface of Mars, and now NASA is introducing a new concept that could give wings to the Rover.

This electric flyer, called Mars Flyer, would be placed inside the Rover and would be able to explore remote areas not accessible by driving. The two would work together: Rover would be charging the Flyer and in return it would be investigating all the autonomous places of the Martian surface that Rover is not able to access.

NASA has already tested the Mars Flyer in conditions that are similar to those on Mars and the next step would be getting these drones to Mars.

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 28, 2017


Blake and Bruno are two young innovators who decided to make something never seen before and give a completely new meaning to the word street art. Observing them create these moving image graffiti gives you an amazing insight into what the technology can do for the development of arts today.

They use paint rollers with infrared lights attached to them which send the tracking information directly to the computer and tell the projector where to project the video.

You can see more of their videos here on their Vimeo Page.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 24, 2017


What makes this underwater iPhone case different from all the others out there on the market is that it has a mini joystick (no touch-screen navigation) which allows you to use the phone more easily and produce better underwater pictures or videos.

Lenzo can be used in depths of up to 100m thanks to it being individually assembled and carefully pressure-tested. Another feature that makes this phone case amazing is the fact that it floats, so you can always find it on the water’s surface in case it slips your hands.

To take your underwater experience to a higher level pre-order Lenzo on Kickstarter.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 22, 2017


Both Android and iPhone have features we find useful and entertaining to use, still, carrying two phones all the time can be a burden. That is why Esti, Israeli company, have designed an iPhone case that has Android software built-in and it has an additional screen on its back. Simply turn your phone around and use the Android through the additional screen.

EYE phone case has wireless charging with an improved battery life. However, that is not all. There is even an extra SD card slot together with space for 2 SIM cards.

If you wish to back up this project you can do so on Kickstarter.

Source: Business Insider

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 14, 2017


Levi’s denim and Google’s technology woven right inside of it! This new Commuter Tracker Jacket was designed to keep you connected with your phone without the need for you to stop what you are doing. Originally intended for bikers, it can be used by anyone who has their hands full. Multitasking is now made easier!

At first sight, this jacket looks like any other piece of clothing, but if you take a closer look at the tag on the left sleeve you can see a removable electronic device that makes all of this work. Once removed the jacket can be washed and worn just like any other clothing item.

Although the jacket was announced last year it will hit the shelves in the fall.

Source: New Atlas

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamMarch 1, 2017


This removable device is a five-megapixel camera that can take 360º panoramic pictures whenever you want without having to pull out your phone. Simply wear Beoncam on your wrist as a watch or put it on your bike, camera tripod or a backpack.

Beoncam has a 400mAh battery which gives you three hours of use. Otherwise, it will stay on standby for up to four days before it will need to be recharged again.

If you are interested in getting this gadget make sure you do it fast because the current price of $119 is going to go up after the early bird.

Source: Engadget

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamFebruary 28, 2017


The short-throw laser portable projector was presented at this year’s MWC and it supports touch controls with a 10-point touch sensitivity.

With the size of 134mm × 143mm × 69 mm, this small metal box differs from all the other smartphone devices. Instead of the usual touchscreen, characteristic for Androids, it has a projector with touch controls.

This amazing device allows you to play games or simulate piano playing. An additional feature is that it can display content on the horizontal surface which means that you can play a game with an opponent sitting across from you.

Source: Engadget

CXM Editorial TeamCXM Editorial TeamFebruary 27, 2017


The first Nokia3310 sold 126 million units in the last 17 years since it first came out. This was, and still is, the most legendary phone on the market before the iPhones. Its battery endurance, well-known brick-like appearance and unforgettable Snake game made this phone so famous.

Now, Nokia has released a new featurephone: a modern, smaller, thinner and lighter version of the original Nokia3310. Even though its specs are kind of limited, you are still able to play Snake! After all, that’s all that matters.

Source: The Verge

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