CX researchers and service agents need encompassing and accurate information to bring fast decisions when answering clients’ requests. ClaraTM is the first intelligent search assistant to allow them to search across customer interaction channels and get customer data in a second. How will this be achieved and what long term benefits can CX professionals expect? The CXM team explores the topic and summarizes the key points for you.

Clarabridge, a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) for the world’s top brands, announced today its latest innovation, ClaraTM. This is the world’s first intelligent search assistant providing the critical CX answers right when they need them. The tool is designed to work across all customer feedback and interaction data sources to deliver visual results quickly. Because they keep users in mind, the creators of this tool optimized it for easy handling. Everyone in an organization can use Clara TM even without strong data or text analytics skills.

“We have completely redesigned our search capabilities from the ground-up to accelerate productivity. Clara answers questions with visual graphs showing the latest scores, trends, performance metrics, and more,” said Fabrice Martin, Clarabridge Chief Product Officer.

These results serve as a springboard for further data exploration and analysis,“ he added.

Investing in operational savings

ClaraTM is just one of the many new features included in the Clarabridge Summer 2021 Product Release. This upcoming release further exemplifies Clarabridge’s mission to help global brands take a data-driven, human-centric approach to elevate the customer experience. Other highlights include new conversation intelligence capabilities, such as the ability to automatically evaluate the reasons behind cancellations, transfers, and holds during a customer call or chat. Understanding the “why” enables organizations to put in place effective optimization strategies that often lead to significant revenue impact or operational savings.

Clarabridge has also added new pre-built connectors to integrate easily within the organization’s existing technology stack and help teams act on CX insights through automation. Customers can expect to leverage these new features and more with general availability in August 2021. 

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