Confirmit, one of the world’s premier names in VoC research, is lending its considerable influence to a new course educating the Customer Experience leaders of the future.

The company – which was a finalist at the 2018 UK Customer Experience Awards – is sending Vice President of Customer Experience Consulting, Shelly Chandler, to join the Leadership Board for Rutgers University’s Customer Experience Certificate Programme.

The New Jersey institution’s course immerses students in an intensive, collaborative environment, where they learn to apply principles and techniques that drive Customer Experience innovation. In her position, Shelly will provide input on the programme and leadership through classroom visits, forums, and conferences, and by actively participating in student coaching opportunities.

Shelly has over 25 years of experience as a CX strategist and marketing leader, and she is committed to growing the Customer Experience discipline and community. As Vice President of Customer Experience Consulting, Shelly creates a vision for customers and builds programmes to improve processes that will enhance Customer Experience, working with leaders and team members to improve their engagement.

Shelly said: “I am honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside other CX leaders for Rutgers University Customer Experience Certificate Programme. Confirmit’s involvement is one more step in illustrating our commitment to helping grow and evolve the industry. I am excited to help all CX practitioners overcome organisational and market challenges in creating purposeful, next-level customer experiences.”

Stephen Carter, Director of the Center for Innovation Education at Rutgers University added: “Confirmit’s dedication to enhancing and growing this programme on behalf of their customers is tremendously inspiring. While we are seeing similar efforts from forward-thinking businesses that know providing a great customer experience is the differentiator, Confirmit is leading the way.”

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