Zoopla improves customer engagement and satisfaction during the UK’s first lockdown using Conga’s Commerical Operations Suite.

We have seen a massive uprise in digital transformation during the COVID-19 outbreak in almost all industries. Some brands were better prepared than others, but most are still learning to adapt and perfect their practices to the continuously changing market demand.

The CXM team is always happy to report on companies that managed to conduct a successful digital transformation and enhance employee and customer experience. Zoopla, one of the UK’s leading property portals, transformed its commercial operation with Conga, a global leader in the field. Continuing a seven-year relationship with Conga, Zoopla has been able to support its employees and customers furthermore with Conga’s digital solution Commercial Operation Suite.

Supporting employees during the pandemic through digital transformation

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were announced in March 2020, the UK property market faced a significant drop in real estate market demand. With the rising uncertainty surrounding the property market and reported risks to the wider economy, Zoopla’s portal witnessed agents cancelling their direct debits.

To manage the urgent situation and help agents overcome the challenging period, Zoopla offered its customers support packages of up to nine months’ free use of its portal. However, communicating this offer to the entire customer base proved to be a challenge with the lockdown and remote work in place.

Conga’s Commercial Operations Suite step in to help agents sign up for the support packages quickly and securely. After the offer ended, Zoopla’s employees begin using Conga Composer as well. The tool allowed managers to conduct business reviews with agents before renewing their contracts with the greatest ease. The time-consuming process became smooth and quick, directly boosting employee performance and team productivity.

Building a fluid customer service for long-lasting results

Conga allowed Zoopla’s employees to check with agents more frequently and improve customer relationships in the process. In essence, Conga’s product suite is an example of a digital transformation designed to support both employees and customers. It shows us how automated processes can save precious time for the employees and give them the time and energy necessary for interaction with customers.

In most cases, meaningful and proper digital transformation improves customer service, streamlines the revenue process, and enhances the entire customer journey. We can see all of this in the partnership of Zoopla and Conga.

The digital transformation conducted at Zoopla made the company agile and ready to face any challenge that comes along the way. It has also shown us how much business can prosper when automation gives aid, even in uncertain times. With the right support and business strategies, brands can create a fluid, connected customer experience set to bring long-lasting results and growth rather than limit themselves on temporary outcomes.

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