They say that customer experience is the next competitive battlefield. More than two thirds of customers say that they are willing to pay more if they know that their business with you will go smoothly. In today’s fast-paced world, both B2B and B2C clientele expect a quick service, and hiccups are completely out of the question.

The quality of what you’re selling is still the most important factor, but it’s simply no longer enough. In order to get that sale, you need to make your customers feel special. When they feel valued, they subconsciously build a stronger emotional connection to your brand and they continue to do business with you.

As they say, retaining a customer is 6 times easier than getting a new one, but it doesn’t end there. A satisfied faithful customer is more likely to attract new buyers than any form of advertising.

This only shows that despite the fact that we live in a digital world, word of mouth is still the most trusted resource. These days, with social networks people share experiences faster than ever, which is truly a test for companies who nurture customer experience.

The ultimate goal of Customer Experience Management is to create actionable insight which is then aligned into everything an organisation does. Despite the fact that the potential impact is massive, less than 1% of companies are realising the full profit & loss impact that this can offer.

A well aligned strategy is only as good as the insight strategy and the ability to measure the impact CX has on the organisation.

With that in mind, for those of you who are interested in making your company’s CX nothing less than superb, we’re proud to present to you a webinar called ‘How to Create an Outcome Driven CX Landscape’ held by CXM’s partner and contributor, Charles Bennett.

Charles is an acknowledged thought leader in customer experience driven performance change, using both best practice and merging next practice perspectives. He has worked with 800 organisations in more than 30 countries leading, mentoring and coaching on both strategic and operational Customer Experience change initiatives and training workshops in customer experience driven strategy, leadership, innovation & delivery and helps tier 1 companies such as Emirates, Citibank and Nielsen with every aspect of their challenges and opportunities.

This Briefing seeks to go beyond the accepted best practice norms and drill down into new strategies that will uncover new thinking and ideas that could hugely impact what companies do in 2017.

Most companies find the benefits of Customer Experience driven change are largely conceptual, and therefore the ability to define a business case in the context of P&L impact has been traditionally difficult. This is now changing, and new methods are constantly emerging to define impact in the context of key performance indicators important to the organisation. These new approaches will be assessed during this briefing.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, the 15th of March, 11:00 AM London time.

Join us, and make a battlefield into a landscape.

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