Be it a century-old company passed down among generations, or a start-up that’s just celebrated its first year – in today’s business environment, CSR stands right alongside the other essential pillars needed to achieve market success.

Put simply, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the aspect of a business that aligns a company’s business strategy with universal values and focuses on the triple bottom line: Profit (Economic), People (Social), and Planet (Environment). 

There is no doubt that a firm’s policies, procedures, beliefs, and actions all have a considerable and lasting impact on both the society and the environment: the important part is that there is a drastic shift in consumer behaviour happening, and the younger generations are less likely to purchase from brands that have little to no positive impact on their surroundings. 

Over 50 percent of the world’s population is under the age of 30, with Millennials and Generation Z taking a huge junk out of that number. In a survey conducted on Millennial shoppers, it’s been found that 73 percent are willing to spend more on sustainable goods and 80 percent expect their favourite brands to take a public stand in support of CSR.

With the passing years, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about how their purchases reflect on their surroundings. The role of the business industry now is to mitigate that concern by actively taking a stand against social or environmental challenges.

We at 1001 Good Deeds aspire to help companies do just that, while increasing the leverage and upgrading the brand value of a company at the same time.

A seasoned consultancy in the field of CSR, our vision supports the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2030 set by the United Nations. By supporting businesses that are striving to increase their customer and employee loyalty and gain new sales opportunities, we work towards protecting our planet’s wildlife and nature and having a genuinely positive impact on the life of humans, animals, and our planet Earth.

We help amazing companies invest in high-potential NGOs of their choice, all over the world, to strengthen their impact within communities and on the environment. Every single venture we select is thoroughly analyzed to ensure that your money is sent to a place where it can truly make a difference. Based on your company’s industry, standing, and beliefs, we will present to you a range of different options to choose from, so you can pick the venture that really matters to you. 

By taking the simple decision of embracing CSR, you open up many potential opportunities for the benefit of your company. Incorporating CSR into company policy has shown to elevate brand image, resulting in increased and happier customers. Consumers were found to be more willing to purchase a sustainable product, since the acts made them feel good and as if they were contributing towards the welfare of the environment. Employee efficiancy has also been seen to grow, due to their increased motivation at doing work that contributes to a good cause. 

Finally, you may also be able to sleep better at night, knowing that somewhere out there in the world the profits made from your beloved business are now being used to help a good cause. 

At 1001 Good Deeds, we envision a future where the resources and diversity of our planet have been preserved for future generations. By supporting sustainable solutions, we break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that has lasted in our society for generations. We have a range of different packages with amounts suited to the budget of every business. Custom packages are welcome too: we can help you find the right one in no time. 

The changing demand of consumers worldwide inevitably means that businesses have to come up with ways to keep up with them. By pairing up with us, your company’s contribution can truly result in a huge difference and meet the needs of the current age consumers. Embrace the benefits of Corporate Social Responsible today, and become the icon the rest of the corporate world aspires to be.

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