When it comes to resolving a customer’s complaint and addressing their concerns, customer service experts have various ideas about the right and wrong actions to take.

However, there is no right and wrong – instead the response should be based on whether or not it makes sense. Before becoming a problem solver, you will have to read between the lines in the customer’s query, choose the appropriate action, and empathise with words that will make the customer feel happy with the support you are offering.

You also need to understand each customer has a different mentality, background, and way of thinking. If you used a specific approach with one customer and you were successful in resolving their complaint, don’t assume that same approach will work with all other customers in the future.

Always remember – not all customers will be happy if you only offer them physical compensation. Most customers will value more the expression of appreciation and be grateful for your patience during the process of solving their complaints, over the idea of receiving such compensation.

Always remember, you are a problem solver, not a robot.

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