Knowledge based systems offer many unique benefits – Effective customer service software provides multiple advantages for financial services enterprises.
Effective customer service is geared towards promoting a cordial relationship between a company and the people who patronize it. In its simplest form, a top-tier customer service solution successfully bridges the gap between customer uncertainty and closing the deal. The goal of course is to generate a modicum of trust, credibility and responsibility to the customer. To this end customer support solutions are required to delve deeper than generic response mechanisms that fail to answer individual queries. This is especially true in the financial services sector where the complexity of transactions can often be a deterrent to closing the deal. Q&A and help desk services that provide an all-encompassing solution to the ever-growing list of queries are preferred by financial services enterprises.

Online Trading Giants

eToro ranks among the world’s most successful international investment networks. As the premier social trading platform, eToro works especially hard to build a community of interactive traders. The company has been able to continue attracting large numbers of traders, owing to its successful CopyTrading mechanism. A wide range of financial instruments can be traded online in real time at eToro. One of the reasons why eToro is so successful is its customer support system. Traders can enjoy instant answers to a wealth of questions. The self-learning knowledge base provides customers with instant answers around-the-clock. Every time a question is asked, the intelligent support software provides an instant answer while also offering relevant question suggestions as the customers type to help users asking the right question. Live support is always ready to provide detailed info to better serve customers in particular cases.

Financial Services Chat Software

In much the same fashion as eToro, OANDA is a top-notch Forex Trading giant. This forex trading enterprise provides a customer service experience identical to that of eToro. Traders can instantly receive detailed responses to their questions in real time. OANDA Live Help provides answers to any and all queries customers may have. FinFX is another leading financial services company with highly complex trading software and a large global network of traders. The customer support software is geared towards providing instant solutions to all trading-related questions. These include technical, banking, registration, trading and general support assistance. FinFX website offers traders multiple channels of communication in the form of self service widgets, live chat and email.

Advantages of Effective Customer Service

Even with effective SEO and SEM, financial services companies will only enjoy 50% of the benefits they seek. Getting potential customers is just the first step in the process; converting those customers into real traders is the most important component. Now that Google’s latest updates focus more on post-click performance, financial services companies are more interested in what happens while customers are already on site. Engagement is the central focus of any customer support solution. The goal is to convert a higher number of customers into real-money traders. The level of real engagement with traders is thus the defining feature for the ranking financial services sites on search engines.

When companies focus on customers, and not simply on profiting off customers, their organic rankings improve. The conversion rate of curious customers into real traders is dramatically boosted with top customer support software. There is therefore less ‘lost trade’ that results, and this boosts the overall trading activity on site. Since customers are enjoying accurate and targeted responses, there is less uncertainty and unwillingness to trade. Thus mutual benefits are enjoyed by financial services companies and customers alike. By dint of knowledge-based systems, improvements are evident as reflected in the increased satisfaction of registered traders, greater levels of trading activity and enhanced Internet presence. The general movement in the financial services sector is now focused on the parallel development of the SEO/SEM avenue and the on-site customer engagement experience.

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