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Customer Strategy & Design Thinking


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February 2019

11th & 12th February 2019
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May 2019

13th & 14th May 2019
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September 2019

23rd & 24th September 2019
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December 2019

2nd & 3rd December 2019
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Designed and Delivered by:

Manuela Pifani, multi-award winning, CCXP certified and 2015 UK CX Professional of the Year. The course leverages Manuela’s personal experience as a CX business leader and her deep knowledge of best in class methodologies and case studies, gathered during over 15 years in CX leadership positions in large international organisations, also working with a broad range of top consultancies and CX experts.


While customer experience is increasingly talked about in the Boardroom, not many organisations have designed a coherent and differentiated Customer Strategy to focus their efforts and resources and optimise customer and business results.

This 2-day intensive course will enable delegates to understand and practice different customer strategy and design methodologies and tools, and learn how to use the customer strategy to align the organisation behind the delivery of a consistent and differentiated Customer Experience.

A balance of theory, case studies and practical exercises will build the skills and capabilities attendees will require to design their own customer strategy and successfully embed it in their on organisation. The course is aligned to the CXPA competency framework and represents a deep dive on the CX Strategy and Design components.


  • Expand your knowledge:Learn how to lead the development of an integrated strategic approach to customer experience management
  • Gain strategic advantage:Learn how to design a coherent and differentiated Customer Strategy and how to translate it into customer experience transformation to generate business value
  • Develop new skills:Learn best practice skills, frameworks and methodologies and develop your strategic capabilities

Topics include:

  • Role of the Customer Strategy
  • Foundations and components of the Customer Strategy
  • Customer Strategy tools and methodologies
  • Design Thinking tools and techniques
  • Using the Customer Strategy to drive transformation and focus
  • Embedding the customer strategy within the organisation


Stevenage, Business & Technology Centre



Target audience:

For those senior CX and Strategy Leaders and Directors who want to improve their ability to lead the development of an integrated strategic approach to customer experience management.

For those CX Leaders and Practitioners who want to deepen and expand their knowledge and skills on Customer Strategy and design methodologies, acquire new tools and techniques, be exposed to global best practice and learn how to use Design Thinking to transform their Customer Experience.

Duration: Two full days, non residential

What your organisation will gain:

After attending the course, delegated will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to design a clear and coherent Customer Strategy to:

  • Drive customer loyalty and create business value
  • Deliver the brand with consistency and differentiation
  • Design the customer journey and interactions touchpoints
  • Influence the development of customer-centric products and service propositions
  • Create alignment with other business, people and operational strategies
  • Appreciate and avoid many of the pitfalls which impact the successful delivery of a CX strategy


  1. Why focus on CX strategy
    • Purpose and benefits
    • Customer relationships and loyalty
    • Link to business value
  2. The inputs to a CX strategy
    • Market, environment and trends
    • Business goals and mission
    • Customer needs and segments
    • Brand strategy and promises
    • Best in class examples and case studies
  3. How to design a CX strategy
    • The components of a CX strategy
    • The foundations of customer experience
    • Methodologies and tools
    • Best in class examples and case studies
  4. Design Thinking as a strategic tool
    • Layers of CX
    • Experience principles
    • Customer interactions design
    • Creativity and innovation
  5. How to use the customer strategy:
    • Strategic business and customer metrics
    • Customer value proposition design
    • Customer journey design
    • CX measurement
    • Communications and people engagement
    • Cultural transformation

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