Thirty-five percent of UK customers only engage with brands they agree with ethically, highlighting the need for brands to consider more than just products and price points.

A new report published by customer engagement specialist ELLO Media, Understanding Customer Expectations of Brand Loyalty Programmes, looks into consumer attitudes towards loyalty. It also found that 61 percent of consumers reported feeling the strongest connection to brands they use regularly, while 39 percent said this applied to the brands they aspire to use.

When asked specifically how they feel about the brands they regularly engage with, 38 percent of consumers said they only use brands that treat them with respect; 30 percent said that they feel like the brands they use are an extension of their personality; and 30 percent said that they only engage with brands that treat them as more than just a customer.

Michael Kalli, Managing Director of ELLO Media, said: “In the age of comparison sites and cost-cutting where there are a multitude of tools available to help find the best possible deal, consumers now expect to been seen as more than just a customer. This not only highlights the need for brands to make them feel valued with the rewards they receive, but also that brands must really understand their customers, aligning their offerings with the ethos and values that they hold.

“While customer expectations are evolving at an alarming rate, so is the development of data capture technology. This presents brands with the opportunity of gaining a better understanding of their individual customers than ever before, to ensure they are tailoring their loyalty and engagement strategies accordingly.”

Consumers were also asked how they feel when a brand engages them personally. Thirty-five percent said this made them feel like their loyalty was rewarded; 34 percent said it made them feel valued; and 21 percent said it made them feel like they were important to the brand. Being surprised with rewards was identified by consumers as their favoured form of brand engagement (70 percent), followed by surprise gifts (66 percent), and brands doing something out of the ordinary (57 percent).

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