Dubai Airports Corporation (DAC) wants to lead the way in making sustainability, affordability, and efficiency key to the growth of the travel industry for decades to come.

This was the message from DAC CEO Paul Griffiths, who delivered a keynote speech at the recent CAPA Middle East & Africa Aviation Summit at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

In a speech titled The Future of Aviation Infrastructure, Mr Griffiths said: “When planning new infrastructure, there are a number of core principals which I think need to get prominences such as sustainability, affordability, efficiency, and intramodal. If we follow these principles, we will be aiming to shake the growth of the travel industry for decades to come.”

He continued: “People want more customised solutions, and they want someone who talks to them and listens to them. So, combining those ideas of technology with a personal touch is the ways forward.”

Regarding Customer Experience, he said technology makes the transformation, but a very human problem that can end up slowing the experience down at the airports.

“We need a seamless end-to-end solution which can only achieve if we actually decide and adopt the global standard. We need another an IATA initiative to make a global document of travel into a reality,” he added.

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