Are you ready for this year’s CX day? Join CXM in celebrating this important day and actively participate in an event organised to connect professionals around the world!

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The 5th of October this year could be the best one ever. Wonder why?

CXM invites you all to step out of your comfort zone and share less successful CX stories. These can be your learning experiences of failure and growth. In line with this interactive part of the programme, we’ll also encourage lively conversation and discussion around areas where CX is traditionally less present.

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What to expect from the CX day: Real Talk?

Our online event is meant to connect people from various industries around the same topic of interest. You will get an opportunity to chat with other professionals, engage in fun activities, and hear expert insights about the areas where CX is not that present at all!

In between our fun and educational networking activities, an exciting roundtable awaits. Our speakers will talk about CX in real estate and healthcare, revealing some less-known industry facts you might not get a chance to hear elsewhere.

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Charlotte Crawley, Culture and Experience Director at Navana Property Group will answer some burning questions on the status of CX in real estate. She will also reflect on the professional challenges that came with introducing the discipline to the property field.

Emma Sutton, Chief Customer Officer at Oracle, will focus on healthcare and the less known facts about CX in this industry. She’ll share invaluable insights into this area of business.

Last but not least, you are more than welcome to challenge our speakers with your thoughts and questions!

How else to participate?

We invite all participants to submit real-life stories from their careers, revealing professional fails and key learnings that came up along the way. The road to success is paved with failures and challenges, but it gives us a true value of learning through experience.

Therefore, we encourage you to aid others in finding their way through the CX field with your first-hand experience. Share your less successful story and key insights you learned – you may even get an award for it!

CXM prepared something special for the top three stories of the day. Don’t miss your chance!

Register for the event and submit your story here.

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