Last year CX professionals rated their organisations’ maturity as: 39% Foundation, 48% Practiced, and 13% Leading.

In an environment where CX focus has increased (and is set to continue) has this evolved or is CX maturity dangerously stagnating?

Ipsos MORI and Awards International are in the middle of collecting feedback for their second CX Voices study, and this time it’s going Global. We caught up with Jamie Thorpe, Head of XM at Ipsos MORI ahead of the closing date for responses (Friday 26th March) to ask him a few questions about the initiative. Read below.

Q: Why are you running the CX Voices study again?

CX is in massive demand and the results from last time were fascinating so we want to learn more! We know our industry is growing: In the first Voices study, we found 53% of professionals said the pandemic had increased business focus on CX. So our intention this time around is to understand how the business focus has changed and if so, what impact this has on the priorities and actions CX Professionals are taking.

Q: So this time you’re going Global – tell me about that?

Absolutely. We were overwhelmed with the contribution from the UK CX Community, both client and agency side, so this year we wanted to increase the reach in line with the footprint of both Ipsos MORI and Awards International. We are seeing an increase in multi-market programmes and want to bring the Voices insight to end-users. This is a fantastic opportunity to understand similarities and differences in CX operations by market – I can’t wait to delve into the results and see what we surface.

Q: So how do I get involved and what’s in it for me?

Absolutely everyone involved in CX is welcome to participate and the survey can be found on this link. Last time we went out to a closed group but felt this time we should open out to all. Sharing your opinion means you’ll get priority access to the findings. There are no fees to participate or view the results, this is about sharing best practices around our industry and understanding emerging trends and the trajectory we’re on. It’s important for everyone that wants to get involved to act now – the survey will close on Friday 26th March.

Q: What happens after Friday 26th March?

That’s the fun bit! Our team will digest and interpret the findings. We’ll compare and contrast performance to the first Voices survey plus seek out new insights. Last time we found a difference between client and agency side populations and also between B2B and B2C, this time we’re expecting to learn more about CX Maturity and the organisational competencies required to deliver great customer experiences. Anyone that participates in the survey will get an exclusive sneak-peak of the results before we share them with the wider CX community. Have your voice heard!

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