CXM is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a webinar in partnership with Capita, a consulting, transformation, and digital services business. The main topic is the urgent need to simplify digital self-service and create proactive strategies that sustain customer confidence in your business.

On November 24 at 11 AM, UK time, you will have the opportunity to join a panel with two fantastic speakers. Follow the link to register for this virtual event!

What is the webinar about?

an image showing two young women using the digital self-service.

In the past few months, we published a significant number of articles on digital self-service solutions. In the context of the pandemic, digital-first agendas allowed the customers to take control over their deliveries and invited them to be self-sufficient.

However, according to recent research, there are frequent escalations somewhere along the digital self-service journey. These issues often require live assistance that makes an additional work overload to your customer support team. Moreover, missing the opportunity to delight the customer by simplifying their digital journeys manifests in reduced NPS and weakened customer loyalty.

Our guests, the industry expert from BrainFood Consulting, Martin Hill-Wilson, and executive leader Alan Linter from Capita will tell us how to build efficient digital strategies, increase speed, and rebuild revenue growth.

Engage in the conversation

CXM will host a Q&A session with the speakers after the event. Join us in this conversation and prepare some good questions. Let’s make a lively and engaging conversation together! Follow the link and apply today!

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