Customer Support Trends 2022

Customer Support Trends 2022

How do global leaders plan to ensure success in 2022? For more than a half of leaders, the critical signals of the success of their customer Support operations are customer retention, customer satisfaction (28.4%) and return on investment (20.3%).

Today, there is a need to look beyond customer surveys and incorporate more Customer Support data. But to prevent data overload, companies should look to artificial intelligence to unify and analyse customer feedback and customer support interactions across customer touchpoints. Only then can businesses get truly unified customer intelligence.

This report is based on a modern methodology and a survey of 339 global customer-focused leaders between September and October 2021. Survey respondents operate in B2B, B2C and B2B2C, and come from eCommerce, education, financial services, dating, and fashion.

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  • Key findings for the strategic importance of customer support
  • How to measure customer support success
  • What’s holding businesses back – Technological challenges and solutions
  • The best way to get ahead in 2022

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