CX Masterclass Brochure

CX Masterclass Brochure

Customer Experience Magazine , is cooperating with Ian Golding on delivering his CX Masterclass for the last 6 years.

During this period of time, we’ve successfully delivered it to over 600 satisfied delegates!

Based on our Customer Feedback, the Masterclass is an enjoyable way to put an order to what often seems chaotic. During the 2-day course, the delegates get a chance to take a look at some of the latest CX strategies from leading global companies in this area.

Ian has more than 25 years of experience within this line of business. That said, his ways of passing on his knowledge are brought to the very peek. The Masterclass is validated by the CXPA and Ian is also a founding member of the associaton! Before him, nobody was legally authorised to teach CX.

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