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Apple advise staff to stay home during virus outbreak

Apple is advising staff to work remotely during the coronavirus crisis.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a note to offices in affected areas across the world to “feel free to work remotely if their job allows” starting from today in an attempt to reduce human density amid the outbreak.

The note also states that employees in affected offices will not be deprived pay-wise.

All of Apple’s retail stores in China have been temporarily closed due to the outbreak and the company has limited work travel to most affected areas, including China, Italy, and South Korea.

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Etisalat partners with Arabtec for digitalisation

Telecoms leader Etisalat is partnering with Arabtec to relocate its workforce and infrastructure to Office 365 and the Azure cloud in order to foster its digitalisation.

Arabtec’s time and labor processes will be digitalised by introducing robots to the workplace, which will result in improved efficiency and reduced need for tasks that require human input.

Salvador Anglada, Group Chief Business Officer at Etisalat, said: “We are pleased to offer a wide range of digital solutions to Arabtec, one of the leading construction companies in the UAE, and set a benchmark in the construction sector. Through this strategic partnership, we, at Etisalat, look forward to empowering Arabtec with the latest digital technologies and smart solutions aimed at increasing operational efficiency, brand reputation and recognition.”

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Unilever announces gender balance milestone

Unilever has achieved gender-balanced management on a global level for the first time ever, achieving a 10-year target.

Along with the milestone announcement, the company also shared on their website nine changes they applied during the process of reaching gender equality.

Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer at Unilever, said: “Today, we’ve succeeded in reaching gender balance at management level, but our work doesn’t stop there, and we will continue to be a driving force in closing the gender gap everywhere.”

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