WHO should attend a CX Workshop Masterclass?
Those who are looking at professional recognition for the work they are doing in CX field and to continue moving up on this path and ensure they will pass a CCXP Exam first time. Please take a look at Eligibility that is described within card PROGRAMMES (CX Workshop Masterclass)


WHETHER is the CX Workshop Masterclass required prior to the exam or whether it is more a session to maintain and build skills and knowledge after gaining CCXP accreditation?
"To help people ensure they pass the CCXP exam first time, we have decided to make the CXWorkshop Masterclass available in the UK, so this workshop will prepare you for the Exam and you attend it prior to the Exam."


WHAT certification will I receive after completing the training?
"You will receive a certification that you attended the training (both CX Professional and CX Workshop) but it is not accredited diploma. You will receive a CCXP certification when you pass the CCXP Exam that is authorised by CXPA.
After completing the training, you will receive the full slide deck used on the training, so it will be a great literature you can always use."


WHAT the CX Workshop will include and what are the steps the certification?
Please take a look at card PROGRAMMES (CX Workshop Masterclass) where you will find these details.


COST and ways of payment

"CX Workshop Masterclass (one-day course):
If you catch the Early Bird Price you can book your place for the CX Workshop Masterclass for just £195 + vat and save £100. After Early Bird deadlines the price will be £295 + vat.
The cost of applying for the exam and the CXWorkshop are separate. All the information about exam fees can be found on the CCXP website"

"CX Professional Masterclass (two-day course):
If you catch the Early Bird Price you can book your place for the CX Professional Masterclass for just £495. After Early Bird deadlines the price will be £645 + vat."

Both courses can be paid via PayPal or card. If you wish to pay by invoice, send us an email to accounts@cxm.co.uk


WHO should attend a CX Professional Masterclass?

"Anyone wanting to build their knowledge about Customer Experience and how to lead and manage the CX agenda in their organisation."


WHAT the CX Professional Masterclass will include?

"Please take a look at card PROGRAMMES (CX Professional Masterclass) where you will find the details about Pre-workshop activities as well as a Masterclass Agenda (1 day and 2 day)"


I WOULD like to discuss the opportunity of organising in-house trainings, is that possible?

Yes, for more information regarding In-house trainings, please contact us on antonija@cxm.co.uk


WHAT are the industries of the people that have signed up already?

Industries of the people that have signed up already were mostly from:
-Automotive, Travel and Transport
-Contact Centre (Large and Small)
-Financial Services (Banking, Investment and Insurance)
-Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment (Hotels, restaurants, public houses, holidays, ski centres, cinemas, gyms, ticketing, etc.)
-International business
-Retail (Clothes, food, books, DVDs, gifts and any other retail products).
-Technology and Telecoms


I HAVE additional questions about the training. Who should I contact?

"Contact us using the form of any page on the website. Our customer service representatives are at your disposal and will be able to give you more details."


HOW to find us

"CX Professional Masterclass
Location: Stevenage"

"CX Workshop Masterclass
Location: Stevenage"

Routes from Airports

Routes in Stevenage

For further information call +442071937483 Or send an email to antonija@cxm.co.uk



“It was brilliant and I feel really inspired to continue working and developing my skills in this area.”

Susan Renshaw, Deputy Librarian (Reader Services), University of Winchester


“Super responsive staff, amazing experience and Ian's knowledge on the topic is beyond imagination”.

Akos Tolnai, AbilityMatrix, CEO


“Hi Neil, great news, I passed the test. I was sure I would fail but the final hints of Ian gave me the right mindset and I passed super well. Ian did a great job focusing in what is key to overcome the test.”

Ricardo Saltz Gulko, Managing Principal, Eglobalis


“Thank you for a fantastic Masterclass, Ian. Great delivery, pace, structure and content, enabling me to feel more knowledgeable and providing me with a really good toolkit for future use. Loved being surrounded by like-minded professionals who are passionate about customer experience. I'm definitely feeling ready for the next step now!”

Jemma Hyland, Customer Experience Leader, Jem Consulting


“As a company who is just starting to explore the customer excellence environment, I found this class to be highly enlightening and will help us immensely with our process to achieve the Customer Service Excellence accreditation. We will be looking to take this exam once we have walked the walk”

Ann Smith, Head of Customer Experience, Box-IT

“You know nothing, Jon Snow! I was surprised by both what I did know, and what I didn’t (yet). It was very helpful for me to narrow in on what I needed to experience and do myself. One of my favourite moments was the Design Thinking video. Ian said he has never done it and probably never would, whereas I found it INSPIRING... But I am in a greenfields role, so perhaps I’m luckier than I realise. I would definitely recommend this, as it’s a great way to identify if you’re truly ready and figure out what else you need to learn to get there. “

Jessica Chambers, Customer Success Manager, Silktide

“Ian Golding is utterly knowledgeable in this subject matter, is able to bring the training to life using real-life examples that anyone can relate to and his passion and drive for helping people to improve their customer experience is inspirational.”

Pam Whitehouse, Customer Engagement and Improvement Manager, LGSS

“I enjoyed the course. It reinforced in some areas, but a lot of day 2 was new content and very engaging. Day 2 was very strong, both in content and in delivery. I think it is preferable to have both facilitators on both days as their styles are very different and a balance of the two on both days would be perfect. Content on day 2 was exactly what I needed.”

Unette Spencer, Principal Consultant, 5One a MasterCard company