CXMasterclasses and Workshops

Upgrade your customer experience skills to a truly professional level by joining the most creditable programme of CX masterclasses.

Held by one of only few certified Customer Experience trainers in the world, the masterclasses have been developed for those who want to master their skills and/or prepare for the CXPA exam to become certified CX professionals.

CXMasterclasses and Workshops

  • offer two different programme options to build your knowledge, confidence and credibility
  • are validated by the Customer Experience Professionals Association
  • are designed and delivered by one of only few trainers in the world authorised for the CXPA’s Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) exam
  • will help you understand the six specific but interdependent CXPA competencies and how they fit in the wider context of customer experience
  • provide extensive guidance on how to succeed with the CCXP certification process
  • help CX professionals prepare for the CCXP exam

For further information call +442071937483 Or send an email to antonija@cxm.co.uk


Our programmes are developed to do two things: firstly, to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead a successful customer agenda in your own business; and secondly to deepen your understanding of the CXPA process and six competencies needed to pass the CCXP exam.


CX Professional Masterclass

CX Professional Masterclass is designed for those wishing to develop their understanding of best practice disciplines, tools and frameworks being used successfully in Customer Experience around the globe.

Designed by Ian Golding, world renowned Customer Experience Specialist, all graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as a CX professional.

  • Prior to their attendance at the masterclass, all delegates would be sent a questionnaire exploring their current understanding of customer experience. The questionnaire should be sent back prior to attendance at the workshop.
  • Delegates will be asked to think about their own recent experiences as customers, and document two – one positive and one negative. They will be asked to describe why the experience was positive or negative, and HOW both experiences made them feel. They will also be asked to describe how analytics and intelligence could have helped the companies they interacted with to improve the experience.
  • Delegates will be asked to source any existing forms of customer insight they can relating to their own products and brands. They will be asked to consider whether they think they have everything they need.
  • Delegates will be asked to source any existing forms of customer feedback they can relating to their own products and brands. They will be asked to consider whether they think they have everything they need.

Masterclass Agenda

1. Introductions and expectations

2. The role of the Customer Experience Professional

  • Leading the customer agenda
  • Influencing with credibility
  • CXPA’s Competencies for the CCXP accreditation

3. Customer Strategy

  • Customer strategy examples
  • Customer Experience frameworks
  • Evaluating your customer strategy

4. Brand Proposition

  • What is it and why is it important?
  • Being clear about the brand promise
  • What makes a brand proposition

1. Customer-centric culture

  • Characteristics of customer-centric organisations
  • What should customer-centric leaders be doing?
  • Employee experiences

2. Who are your customers?

  • The flaws in traditional segmentation methods
  • Creating customer personas
  • Using personas to influence

3. Customer empathy

  • What is empathy and why is it important?
  • How to think like your customers think
  • The role of storytelling

4. Customer journey mapping

  • The principles of mapping customer journeys effectively
  • Keeping it simple and actionable
  • Prioritising the most important things

5. Measurement

  • Measurement principles
  • Aligning the voices of your customers, people and processes
  • Know what your priorities are

6. Action planning

  • For you personally and your organisation
  • A framework for managing what happens next
  • Keeping up the momentum

CX Workshop Masterclass

For all of you interested in becoming Certified Customer Experience Professionals by taking the CCXP exam, we have developed a special CX Workshop that will test your knowledge and understanding of CXPA competencies and prepare you for the exam.

Each exam re-sit or re-application carries a cost. Attending the workshop can reduce the likelihood of re-applying and make the whole process of becoming a CCXP more rewarding.

CXMasterclass is proud to be working with Ian Golding, who was the first person in the world to be authorised by the CXPA to teach the CCXP accreditation and has mentored approximately a quarter of all CCXPs globally to date.

The Workshop will include:

  • Understanding the CXPA’s six competencies – the exam specifically tests this knowledge
  • How best to approach the CCXP accreditation assessment
  • The CCXP exam methodology
  • A review of sample questions for each competency
  • CX Continuing Professional Development beyond the CCXP accreditation
  • How to apply for the exam (if you have already applied for the CCXP Exam, the workshop will still be of the undoubtedly importance)

The CCXP provides a means for individuals to obtain professional recognition of their high levels of knowledge of the customer experience discipline. Until the CXPA established this accreditation, there was no industry-wide, standardized avenue for CX practitioners to demonstrate their expertise and accomplishments, and no formal credentials that showcased an individual’s standing in the industry.

The Steps to Certification

There are three phases to CCXP certification:
1. Application, assessment and acceptance
2. Register for the exam and successfully sit it
3. Using CCXP credentials and continual development

The Exam itself is organised by the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) and the application process for the Exam is detailed here http://www.ccxp.org/.

Delegates wishing to take the exam must first have been accepted and approved. The process is detailed at http://www.ccxp.org and must be done after this workshop. When applying for the Exam, you can schedule electronically the location and date that suit you to sit the CCXP Exam at one of the CXPA test centres. Read more details about the CCXP Program in the Candidates’ Handbook here.


Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and three years of full-time CX-specific work experience is eligible to take the exam. An alternate pathway to eligibility is a high school diploma (or equivilent) and five years of full-time CX-specific work experience. More details are available on certification eligibility including experience and education requirements, plus an alternative pathway.

Exam fees

The CCXP certification costs of $645 are paid separately to CXPA. CXPA members receive a $150 discount on certification and pay only $495.

CX Workshop for CCXP Exam fees

The workshop price is £295 + VAT and £195 + VAT for the Early Bird rate. Catch the Early Bird rate for the workshop and save £100. Check the calendar to see the Early Bird deadlines. Book your place for the workshop here.

Apply for accreditation

Candidates whose education and experience satisfy the criteria may apply for the certification and have their candidacy evaluated by CXPA representatives.

CX Professional
Designed for...

Anyone wanting to build their knowledge about Customer Experience and how to lead and manage the CX agenda

Topics include

The role of the CX professionalCCXP competency requirements Customer culture, strategy and actions Journey mapping and measurement


Two days


£495 Early Bird + VAT

£695 + VAT

CX Workshop
Designed for...

Anyone who is thinking of sitting the CCXP exam and wants reassurance of having a deeper understanding of what to expect

Topics include

Explaining each of the CXPA’s six competencies The two-stage process to become a CCXP Sample questions Exam methodology


One day


£195 Early Bird + VAT

£295 + VAT

For further information call +442071937483 Or send an email to antonija@cxm.co.uk