Following one of the most challenging years, 2021 has put leaders in front of a complex puzzle they are still trying to figure out. For our team, this is the tenth year that we’re grappling with hot business topics by researching, interviewing, writing, and monitoring the changes in the CX world.  

Together with our contributors, we published over 200 articles addressing some of the burning issues such as sustainability in CX, supply chain crisis, metaverse, ethical AI, and many more. 

In this article, you will find the selection of the most popular stories on CXM in 2021, along with a few evergreen publications from 2016 and 2018.  🚀

CXM guides 

We’re proud to say that the most discussed and shared articles of the year were CXM guides. These are the articles our editorial team started writing in Jun 2021. Our idea was to cover the basic CX topics comprehensively and by inviting CX professionals to share their expertise on diverse industry subjects. 

A massive thank you to Rebecca Brown, Lee Jones, Amanda Riches, David Truog, Beehive Research, Chloe Woolger, Laura Tengerdi, Lisa Fradin, and Aleksandar Ilic for sharing their opinion with our readers.  

Customer Experience Consultant: The 2021 Career Guide – Customer Experience Magazine

Communication with customers: Five essential factors – Customer Experience Magazine

Customer ethnography  

What the hell is customer ethnography? We’re glad to share that the articles on business anthropology and consumer ethnography written by our colleague Venesa Musovic were among the most-read stories on CXM this year. Her articles shed light on the new players in the CX arena and we can’t wait to hear more.

Customer ethnography: the power of small and big data combined – Customer Experience Magazine 

Business and organizational anthropology: understanding humans from the inside out – Customer Experience Magazine 

CX metrics  

In the survey we conducted in September 2021, 62.07% of our readers said they want to know more about CX metrics and measurements. Our contributor, commercial director for Customer Experience at Kantar UK, Chloe Woogler, wrote a great article on NPS. This release was on our top list in March 2021.  

Net Promoter Score will only take you so far in the race to catch the CX heavyweights – Customer Experience Magazine 


What is metaverse and how will it impact our lives? Facebook plans to spend about $10 billion over the next year developing the metaverse technologies. However, the research Forrester conducted in August this year showed that most of the respondents either still don’t understand the concept behind metaverse (29% US and 33% UK) or have no need for it in their lives (27% the US and 36% UK). 

Metaverse: the new CX universe – Customer Experience Magazine 

Research and predictions  

According to Gartner’s latest research, by 2026, 75% of customers who call customer service and support organizations will do so out of loneliness, not because they have a customer service issue. This will affect service and support leaders’ priority of migrating customers to self-service and ensuring rep well-being. 

Gartner’s new research: 75% of customers will call customer support due to loneliness – Customer Experience Magazine ( 

Women in CX  

The founder of Women in CX, Clare Muscutt, created the ‘Inspiring Women in CX’ podcast during the first 2020 lockdown in response to her own need for meaningful support and connection. Back then, she had no idea it would be so well received and that it will lead to creating one of the most powerful communities out there.

“What made our podcast different was not only women sharing their previously unheard ideas and opinions on CX, but also the vulnerability with which they exposed the difficult moments in life, ones that shaped them into the women they are today,” commented Claire.  

Online Female CX Communities: Why They Matter and How You Can Get Involved – Customer Experience Magazine ( 

CXM interviews

How smart technology is transforming our lives: An interview with Barry Cooper – Customer Experience Magazine 

Innovation in CX 

Renata Liuzzi, CEO of Axis Partners, contributed to CXM with a series of interviews on innovation. Her conversation with Neetan Chopra was one of the most read and shared articles in September 2021. Renata is on her way to introducing the innovation processes to the CX industry and we can’t wait to hear more from her.  

Building a culture of innovation: an insightful conversation with Neetan Chopra (Part II) – Customer Experience Magazine 

CXMStars™  2021 

Have you already applied for the CXMStars™ 2022 competition? Our article on the CX Stars winners from 2021 was one of the most read and shared articles! Once again, congratulations on pushing the CX industry forward and being trendsetters.✨

And the Winners of CX Stars 2021 are… – Customer Experience Magazine 

CXM’s evergreen articles  

Customer strategy: ten key principles – Customer Experience Magazine 

Only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain. The rest churn. – Customer Experience Magazine 

Luxury customer service experience: Tips updated for 2021 ( 

Customer experience centre: Ten ultimate steps – Customer Experience Magazine 

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