With the new year fast approaching, the CX Stars panel is preparing to reveal its shortlist of the UK’s Top Influencers and Professionals for 2021.

Customer Experience Magazine will be publishing a countdown of the Top 50 CX Influencers in January, alongside our list of the country’s Top 100 CX Professionals, and the order, including the coveted top 10 in each list, will be decided by CXM subscribers.

For 2021, we have established the CX Stars Panel to oversee the process from start to finish.

This select group of thought leaders includes CEOs, Heads of CX within organisations, and Certified Customer Experience Professionals, who all have one goal in mind – to celebrate the achievements of the professionals who put CX at the heart of their organisations, and the influencers who inspire them.

This year, CXM tasked the CX Stars Panel with drawing up a shortlist of their chosen Influencers and Professionals that will soon be published, allowing you to vote for your top picks in the two lists.

How to vote?

Simply register to CXM, then select your top five Influencers and top five Professionals, ranking them in the order of your choosing.

Once your votes have been submitted, the Panel will oversee the process of calculating the final order of 2021’s CX Stars, with the countdown of the Top 100 Professionals and Top 50 Influencers revealed in early February.

CXM will also be profiling the Top 10 Influencers and Professionals, allowing readers to get to know their collective choice of the CX Stars guiding them in a brand new year.

CXM Editor Debbie Walton said: “We can’t wait to show you who has made it onto the shortlist for the CX Stars of 2021. Our Panel has spent a long time debating who should be on the shortlist, as the talent in the UK is exceptionally high.”

However, the shortlist is nearing completion, and we will soon be tracking CXM subscribers with telling us their choice for the most dedicated Professionals and the most inspiring Influencers.

We would urge any readers yet to subscribe to do so in order to have their say on the final ranking. 2021 is going to be a crucial year for CX following the challenges of 2020, and our CX Stars list will honour those outstanding individuals who will be at the forefront throughout.”

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