After their famous album, Homework, Daft Punk moved far from a beloved band of devoted music geeks and became the planetary hit band, especially after their latest album, Random Access Memories.

Many bands make amazing music, but Daft Punk was never just about music. If you are a Daft Punk lover, you are already fully emerged in their world of mysterious alter egos, amazing collaborations and suspense built over their possible live performances.

Although they are not about business in strict terms of that word, the way they handle their customer experience just might make a valuable lesson both for advertisers and businesses.

A new example of that can be found in their merch ads they launched recently, selling you Daft Punk-branded Frisbees, T-shirts, posters, belt buckles, figurines, yoyos, pens and skate decks. Yes, all those things you can’t really live without.

Using smart pop references together with references to their unique style and popular songs, they created a series of ads that will at least make you smile if not buy some of their products.

So, if your business needs to Get Lucky, maybe you should take a look at this photo case study. It is certainly an interesting business Homework.

*All photos presented are taken from the band’s official website

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