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I’m an American national with nearly 30 years in the Customer Contact industry. After 20 great years living in Asia I’m now happily settled in Germany.

I founded my company OmniTouch International 18 years ago and provide high impact workshops that develop Contact Centre mastery, improve Customer Service delivery and advance Customer Experience know-how.

Over the 18 years I’ve been conducting workshops, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with more than 50,000 Participants in around 40 countries. All this experience provides me with many rich stories & practices to share with my audience around the world.

Helping & inspiring people to deliver great Customer experience is at the heart of everything I do.

Credentials-wise, I’m a CXPA Authorized Training Partner, a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), an ICMI Certified Associate, a Call Centre Industry Advisory Council Training Partner (CIAC), Net Promoter Certified and the first to bring professional management level Contact Centre certification to Asia back in the 00s.

By education I’m an accountant and by earlier work experience I was VP, Contact Centre Operations in both the US and Asia.

But my most important credential is what Clients & Participants say. Over 18 years we’ve received thousands of positive testimonials – hundreds of which can be found on our website and also LinkedIn. Clients commonly describe our engagements as smart, entertaining and practical.

Curriculum-wise we offer 25 unique workshop programs that address the Contact Centre, Customer Service & Customer Experience domains.

And I continue to write workshop programs along with regular blog posts & articles.

I’m also an art dealer and use lessons from my gallery in my CX work.

Feel free to reach me at daniel.ord@omnitouchinternational.com

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Masterclass Contact Centre Masterclass
Our 2-day High Performance Management for Inbound Contact Centres was designed to equip both experienced and new-to-the-job Contact Centre management with the know-how to run more efficient and effective Centres.

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