It’s the age-old question again: what do customers really want? Just when you finally get the grasp of how customers behave, their needs seem to take a new turn.

At the very core of CX lies the seamless and easy communication that brings fast resolutions. So, investing in the right cloud contact centre solution is beneficial. But what makes a good experience even better? Humans.

First, let’s have a look at the statistics. According to Gartner, after you provide the customers with essential information on how they could get the most out of the product and enhance their experience, 82 percent of them would gladly stay when an opportunity to switch comes. This is compared to providing a common low-effort problem solution, after which only 61 percent of customers would stay.

On top of this, value-enhanced experiences bring about a 97 percent change of positive word of mouth and a 86 percent likelihood of increased wallet share.

Time is precious, waste it wisely

When the global pandemic hit, brands scrambled to keep their customers. Not to mention that entire contact centre teams had to adapt to the new working from home regime. The uncertainty of the situation required brands to put effort into giving empathy and human connection. Feeling agitated, customers had less and less time to wait on agents to resolve their problems. The impatience abounded insomuch that 59 percent of customers were not going to continue to do business with a company that takes too long to resolve an issue.

While brands should strive to offer customer service via at least four channels, the majority of customers still prefer their issues sorted on phone. One of the reasons for this being the case is that customers may have already tried other self-service options and now they require a human hand.

How to deliver a more human CX

Responsiveness and empathy are the key drivers for those who want to deliver great CX through improved human experience. A responsive brand is able to quickly change its business to meet new needs and continue to serve its customers right. Now empathy is what makes one brand stand out from the crowd. It’s the human touch that makes customers feel understood.

Before agents are able to respond and empathise with customers, they need to be provided with an appropriate cloud solution. The technology itself, the software and the apps have to give the agents the ability to be empathetic.

The right contact centre technology can help you meet customers’ expectations and interact with seven types of experiences they have with your brand. Customers expect you to know their needs and show support every step of the way.

Integrating a cloud contact centre solution will not only help you deliver great CX through improved human experience but will also keep you customers curious as to how you actually do it!

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