Have you heard about the biggest summit about digital-first CX? Do you want to know how world-class leaders delight customers and grow their businesses?

In this article, we summarize all about RE:SOLVE, a summit organized by a leading Indian cloud-based SaaS company, Freshworks.

You better save your seat for this exciting event coming on the 26th of August! Amazing things are coming up for all industries, as CX leaders from brands across retail, tech, food delivery, fintech, and other fields will be at the Summit to share their stories.

What is the RE:SOLVE summit about?

The photo shows the main places where the summit will be held.

Digital transformation has been a hot topic in Customer Experience Magazine for a long time. Over the past two years, we observed how the pandemic accelerated the digital disruption, and there is no doubt that this trend is going to continue.

Companies will be faced with a choice to enter the digital arena and participate in innovation or a risk to be left behind.

To help brands boost their digital-first experiences, Freshworks is hosting a much-needed CX event called RE:SOLVE.

This is the place for all those who seek answers on digital-first business models and software that can support the transition. The event has the aim to present the digital revolution as exciting and full of opportunities, rather than complex and disruptive.

In the next paragraph, we’ll present the agenda fully packed with exceptional keynote sessions!

Here is what you can expect from the agenda

A photo shows speakers at the summit who will talk about the digital-first CX.

As we already mentioned, the digital-first CX is at the heart of the RE:SOLVE summit. You will get a chance to meet CX experts from various industries and hear their stories. These leaders from the buzziest brands across the world will talk about speed, empathy, and ease in doing business. Simply put, you’ll hear CX secrets to success and learn from them!

The event will consist of three tracks:

  • Delivering mobile-first CX
  • Transforming customer service into a profit centre
  • Building a future proof customer service architecture

Each track will have two keynote presentations and one masterclass that will provide CX professionals with the Know-How of digital transformation. Take a look at the full agenda here.

Reserve your spot and join this inspiring event. See you there!

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