How much has your world changed in the digital era? I know mine has changed hugely. I’m a big fan of online shopping, that’s a digital journey I am seriously grateful for; how simple is it to log into your Amazon account and shop everything you need, toys for the kids, books for the business, etc. and no more getting into trouble for forgetting birthdays, they just pop up on Facebook ready for you to send your wishes remotely!

So many areas of our lives have gone digital now, we book holidays online; file taxes online; apply for schools online; make friends and relationships online; work and study online; and search for employment online, to name but a few activities.

So it makes sense that this is the case across our business operations too. But we need to develop and pay great attention to the touchpoints between businesses and customers on the consumer journey. How well does your business hold your customer’s hand throughout their digital transaction? Is the user experience easy, or is it tricky and off-putting? Does it feel like second nature to go through the process digitally rather than with human interaction? Or do you miss the human face of the bricks and mortar store?

For businesses moving online, adapting to the idea of the Digital Customer Experience requires a new approach to development to allow the business as a whole to grow within the digital landscape, without sacrificing other channels along the way. It’s not just about “bolting on” a digital department, it’s about getting all employees and customers to embrace a change in strategy to enable growth across the board and to share the benefits with all involved.

Businesses that choose to make investments in analytics will be able to get to grips with their consumers’ needs and gain better customer insights to understand their customers’ requirements. Digital data analysis allows us to understand how and when customers use products and services – whether they access them via their smartphones whilst traveling, sat at their desk during the 9-5, or even whilst chatting to Amazon’s Alexa of an evening.

Have you considered the impact of your customers’ Digital Experiences recently? As we embrace new ways of interacting with businesses via social media, smart devices, apps and the Internet of Things it is still just as important for us to put our customers at the heart of all of these decisions and put ourselves in their shoes when making their digital journeys.

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Written by: Neil Copping, General Manager at Awards International

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