Happy Disney fans have added own magic to tweet the brand to the top of the latest chart in the third UK Customer Experience Index (UKCEI)

More than 500,000 tweets sent during May and June have been analysed for the Index using a pioneering methodology by SpectrumInsight, validated by Cranfield University, and revealed first through Customer Experience Magazine. This tracks the emotional response to brands based on the words consumers use in tweets, allowing much greater insight to be achieved.

This is the first time Disney has made it onto the brand leaderboard. In fact many of the top positive mention during this period have not been mentioned before, indicating a seasonal influence.

Mark Westaby from SpectrumInsight believes popular television programmes like The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent have been driving the tweeters.

“I think this is an example of smart marketing as the Saturday night TV extends into other areas, and I believe has fueled positive comments about Disney.

“What is interesting is that the baby boomers are being nostalgic about their favourite films, and Disney is emerging as a firm favourite, ” said Mark. Remakes of older Disney films are also adding to the media messages.

Other new brands making into the top ten include Cadbury, Magnum, Redbull and love-it-or-hate-it Marmite. Restaurant chain Nando’s has slipped in terms of positive messages during the last two months, but is now top of the Index when we look at the overall scores since January. The top spot has previously been held by Top Shop, which has slipped to number two.

Twitter and its succinct 140 characters is increasingly being used by customers from a cross section of social backgrounds and ages. Key words such as ‘favourite’, ‘great response’ and ‘love’ have been tracked along with key negatives such as ‘hate’ and ‘rude staff’. By analysing the brands identified in these comments the UKCEI uniquely reflects what’s on the consumer agenda rather than a market researcher’s clipboard.

Its growing use means that Twitter is swiftly becoming more and more representative of the overall population and the UKCEI offers a way to compare brands and to find out how people are feeling about a particular brand.

“Twitter is now very much an extension of normal word of mouth – like an extended living room. It takes comments out of the home and into the wider media,” added Mark.

And the impact of social media is rapid, with brands going from hero to zero overnight.

The train companies and the NHS are still struggling towards the bottom of the Index, with negative comments outweighing the positive.

Marks and Spencer is another noticeable poor twitter result as it is way down in the latest chart, and has a – 15.3 score in the annual leaderboard result.

“This should worry Marks and Spencer as these results indicate that it is not connected with the times and isn’t attracting the right social conversation,” commented Mark.

Tweet examples received in May and June


Sooooo excited to babysit my favourite girl in the world tonight … Baking, DISNEY films and nail painting #cute #family

Thanks to CADBURYUK for great Customer Service this week. Delivery went AWOL. Entirely my fault but they re-located and re-delivered :0)

GREATERANGLIA no staff at Ware, ticket machine broken and the 10:13 cancelled – Great service. Thanks

We must privatise the NHS The staff are rude and conceited and our tax supports it

MARKSANDSPENCER is there any real point. In more and more stores you staff are rude and out of touch with customer care

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